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What is Outschool?

Get to know our live, online classes and whether they're a good fit for your learner(s).

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Choosing Classes

Tips for picking the best classes for your learner(s).

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Your Outschool Learning Account

Getting your learner(s) ready to take online classes with Outschool.

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Taking Classes on Zoom

How to access your live, video classes on Outschool.

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Payments, Refunds, and Offers

Information on class payment methods, refund policies, and other Outschool offers.

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Information for Prospective Educators

Learn more about what it's like to teach on Outschool, and how to apply.

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Getting Started as an Outschool Educator

Information for newly approved educators about setting up their teaching accounts and understanding how to use Outschool.

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Educators: Using the Outschool Website

Using the Outschool Classroom and other website tools to teach your classes.

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Educators: Teaching Classes on Zoom

How to use Zoom and information on the features offered in Outschool's Zoom version.

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Class Formats and Standards

Understanding Outschool's different class types and the requirements to teach them.

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Listing Classes

How educators can submit new classes for publication.

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Policies for Outschool Educators

Important information for Outschool educators on our policies.

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Policies and Security Information for Outschool Users

Standards and guidelines for all Outschool users.

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ESA and ClassWallet for Families

Information for families who are purchasing classes with ESA funds.

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