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1-on-1 Classes for Parents

Personalized classes that meet your family's learning and scheduling needs

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Outschool’s 1-on-1 classes are great for families with learners who excel in a personalized class context and need the scheduling flexibility to adjust and stay on track when life happens!

1-on-1: Let's get signed up

Completing your enrollment

To begin enrolling for 1-on-1 classes, click View Availability on the class listing page. All dates with teacher availability will have a purple circle, and to get started, simply click on the date that works for you.

If you do not see a time that works for your family, scroll down on the listing page and use the Message button to contact the educator about scheduling accommodations.

Payment options

1-on-1 classes are designed to give you easy options that take the guesswork out of managing payments so you and your learner can focus on what matters - a great class experience!

With 1-on-1 classes, families can enroll for:

  • Blocks of meetings for 4, 8, or 12 weeks.

  • Recurring meetings will continue until you cancel. If you choose this option, you are responsible for managing and stopping your enrollment.

  • After the initial enrollment, you can add a single "Meet Once" meeting or another block of meetings for 4, 8, or 12 weeks

If you sign up for a larger block of meetings, you will pay the first class fee upfront, and all future meetings will be automatically charged weekly on Sundays before the class meeting time.

1-on-1 classes have a Standard refund policy. Families receive a refund for the meeting(s) they cancel within 24 hours of auto-renewal.

Note: Please see this article for additional enrollment information if you are paying with ESA funds through ClassWallet.

Promo codes with 1-on-1 classes

Promo codes and educator coupons can be used when purchasing 1-on-1 classes. Please note:

  • Eligible promo codes apply to the first charge only if enrolling weekly, and all future weeks will be charged at the total enrollment price.

  • If eligible, additional promo codes may be applied if adding on a one-time session and can be entered at checkout when adding the new meeting.

1-on-1: Managing your learner's enrollment

Adding additional meetings

If you would like to extend your current enrollment, click on Add Meeting, choose from the available class dates (highlighted in a purple circle), and select a meeting time.

If your enrollment does not have future meetings scheduled when a new meeting is added, you will pay for the new class immediately. Future weekly meetings will automatically charge on Sunday using the payment method on file.

If your enrollment already has future meetings scheduled when adding a new meeting, you will pay for the new class immediately if it meets during the current week. Future meetings will automatically charge on Sunday to the payment method on file.

To convert a one-time meeting to a recurring weekly schedule, click Make it Ongoing. If the class meets during the current week, you’ll pay for the first class upfront. Future meetings are automatically charged weekly on Sundays.

Accepting Teacher-Suggested Meetings

Parents are notified by email when teachers suggest new meeting times. There will also be a banner at the top of the enrollment management page where you can either decline or accept the meeting time.

You’ll have three days to accept or decline teacher requests to reschedule or add additional meetings. For added class meetings, you’ll pay for the new class when approving the addition. Future weekly meetings are charged automatically on Sundays using the payment method on file.

Rescheduling and canceling meetings

Families can cancel and reschedule future meeting dates from the list of upcoming meetings. Please note:

  • Families receive a refund for the meeting(s) they cancel within 24 hours of auto-renewal.

  • Families can reschedule up to 48 hours before the meeting.

  • When canceling, you will see refund eligibility and can choose to cancel one meeting or all future meetings in the recurring schedule.

  • After canceling all future meetings, families will continue to have access to the classroom.

Rescheduling your 1-on-1 meeting

Canceling your 1-on-1 meeting

Note: If you have enrolled through ClassWallet, please see this article for more information about managing your 1-on-1 enrollment.

1-on-1: The Outschool Classroom and joining live meetings

Just like other classes on Outschool, 1-on-1 classes will appear on your Learner schedule. When it's time for class, simply click on the class title to be taken to the classroom page.

Select Enter Classroom to prepare your learner for their live meeting.

Once in the classroom, your learner will see the same Join Live Meeting button as with other class formats, as well as the Teacher tab for messaging your educator.

From the right side of the enrollment management page, you'll also see convenient options to message your educator, add meeting dates to additional calendars, share and review classes, and visit the Outschool Support page.

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