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How to log into Outschool and adjust your email settings
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There are four ways you can log into Outschool as a parent: via email, Facebook, Google, or Apple. Learners can also set up a unique email or username and password to log into their Learner Space. This article will teach you about:

  • The four methods to log into Outschool

  • Creating a unique password for your learner(s)

  • How email works within your account

Logging in with Email

Use your primary personal email address and create a unique password to log into Outschool. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and include numbers, letters, and special characters.

We advise against using a business or school-issued email address for your personal account.

Email addresses and notifications

Each Outschool account, usually associated with one family, has a primary email address where all email notifications are sent. You can see this email and change it within Settings in the Primary Email field. Enter a new email address in this field and click anywhere on the page to save the change.

Email addresses you enter in the Other Emails fields here can be used to log into Outschool (you’ll need to confirm the email address after adding it) but no emails will be sent there. If an email address already exists in our system, you will be prompted to merge the two accounts together instead of adding it as an Other Email field.

Logging in with Facebook, Google, or Apple

Use the Continue with… button to log into Outschool with your third-party account (either Facebook, Google, or Apple). If you’re logging in with this third-party account after creating your Outschool account by another method, make sure the email connected to your third-party account is the same as the email you may have used to log into Outschool previously. This will prevent you from creating a duplicate account.

Unlinking third-party accounts

Facebook, Google, and Apple each provide instructions for unlinking your account from other platforms, such as Outschool. You can read them by clicking the links below.

Learner Email, Username, and Unique Password

Learners can create their own logins to access their learner space in two distinct ways. First, they can sign up directly at Second, you can create their unique username and password from your account settings. Continue below for specific instructions on these two methods.

Direct learner sign-up

When a new learner goes to, they will see the option to sign up by entering their birth month and year, email (or creating a username if they don’t have one), and creating a unique password. We ask for this information to ensure your learner’s safety, including verifying their age. Your learner’s information is used for these purposes only and is not shared publicly with any third parties.

For added safety, we then require an adult’s email address to approve the learner’s use of our platform. You’ll receive an email with more information and the option to approve or deny your learner’s account. If you do not want your child to join Outschool or would like their account closed at any time, please email

Once approved, your learner can browse Outschool’s class offerings but they cannot enroll in any classes or groups, since their account is limited at this point, and information will not be shared with any third party, including other Outschool educators or learners.

Once you’ve joined Outschool as a family, your complete parent account will allow you to search for classes and make purchases on behalf of your learner. At that point, your learner can participate in Outschool’s full scope of educational offerings.

Learn more here about your Outschool learning account. You can also learn more about the ways we safeguard our community in our Privacy Policy, Safety Policy, and Terms of Service.

Creating learner logins within your account settings

On your Settings page under Learner Preferences, you can use the pencil icon to add an email for your learner, as well as set a unique username and password which they can use to log in to their Learner Space. This lets learners log in to Outschool with their own password, so they don’t need to ask you to log in for them!

Once you’ve entered and saved an email to this field, your learner will receive class notifications there directly. You will continue to receive the same information to the primary account email.

Please note that each learner email needs to be unique to the learner and not used elsewhere on the platform. It cannot be the same as the primary or “other” email on the account, or as an email used by another learner on your account.

Setting up a Unique Password for your Learner

To set up a unique password that your learner can use to log into Outschool, first toggle on Unique password. Then, you can select whether you would like them to use an email or username to log in.

We recommend using their email if they are already using it for Outschool, and only creating a username if they do not have an email address. Create the username and/or password for them, then scroll to the bottom and hit Save. Please note that the requirements for this password are the same as for your primary account password: it must be at least 8 characters long and include numbers, letters, and special characters.

Your learner will then be able to log into their space using those credentials to see their schedule, join class, and find and save future classes.

Logging into Learner Space

Once you’ve set up a unique email or username and password for your learner, they can log into their space directly at

Your learner can use the Continue with… buttons to log into their space only if they are at least 13 years old. Those accounts (Facebook, Google, or Apple) must be linked with their learner email listed in your settings in order to work properly.

Changing or re-setting learner password

You can change your learner’s password, username, and/or email at any time from your Learner Access settings, as described in set-up above. Your learner can also change their password in their Learner Space settings, and you will be notified via email when they make this change.

If your learner forgets their password, they can set a new one from these settings or from the login screen using the Forgot your password button.

If you run into issues or have any questions about managing your Outschool account, please reach out to Support via chat or email!

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