Logging in

You can log in to Outschool using email & password, a Facebook account, or both! 

If you previously created an account on Outschool, and then log in using a Facebook account with a different email, you will end up with two different Outschool accounts. If this happens, let us know and we will help resolve it.


We support Facebook login because it’s convenient for many parents. We obtain your email address from Facebook. We do not receive information about your friends.

If you would like to unlink Outschool from your Facebook account, Facebook provides instructions on how to do that.

Email addresses and notifications

Outschool supports one email address per parent. We will send your Outschool notifications to your specified email. You can also enter an email for each learner for them to receive notifications. You can change your email address from your profile. If you scroll to the bottom of that page, you'll see an editable field called "email." You can enter a new email address there if you wish to receive Outschool notifications at a different email address going forward. Note that if the email address you enter already exists in our system, you will be prompted to merge your two accounts.

Deleting your account

Please reach out to us at support@outschool.com if you wish to close your Outschool account.

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