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Taking Classes on Zoom
How to prepare for your first class
How to prepare for your first class

4 ways to help your learners have fun and safe online learning experiences

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Outschool classes are easy to join - you just need a working internet connection and a device that can access Zoom video conferencing. Whether your learner is taking their first class or they’re an Outschool pro, make sure you’re familiar with these 4 tips to ensure that you can easily access your class and keep your learner safe!

  1. Join class by having your learner sign in to their Learner’s Space. We designed Learner Spaces specifically for children as a safe space, free from promotional emails targeting children and from third-party analytics providers mining personal data. When it’s time for class, you can navigate to the “Join live meeting” button to access class either by using the class URL in your confirmation email or by switching into your learner's profile. Clicking the “Join live meeting” button will automatically direct you to the Zoom room where class will take place. If Zoom is not already installed on your device, clicking this button will initiate a download (we recommend doing this a couple minutes before your first class to give your device time to install Zoom). Please note that joining the Zoom meeting more than 60 minutes ahead of class start time will cause our system to mark your learner as absent.

  2. Turn on the video camera. When class starts, your child must turn the video camera on so that the teacher can see all attendees and verify that they’re kids and not adults. Once checked into class via video, your child can turn the video off. You can always test your Zoom connection before class starts to make sure your video and audio are working properly.

  3. Remember that all classes are recorded: We record our classes for quality assurance and safety. Videos are not shared publicly, and the only people who can watch recordings are teachers and fellow students enrolled in the class. Recordings will be deleted after 3 months.

  4. Watch our Safety Video with your learner. Review our Trust & Safety policies with your learner to make sure they know how to support their fellow learners and express themself confidently in class.

Need more help preparing for class? Read through the articles below or reach out to us at with general questions, or with questions related to safety and privacy:

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