Test Zoom

Outschool uses a standard video chat app called 'Zoom' for live meetings.  It's simple and reliable, and for most people it works smoothly.
You can test things out by visiting https://outschool.zoom.us/test. This will allow you to test Zoom's software through a private test room. You can use this room to check that your audio and video setup is working.

Zoom Tutorial

The teacher will help manage the live meeting.  As a participant, we recommend keeping your microphone on mute except when you're speaking. This helps ensure good audio quality for everyone in the class. The following video will introduce you to how to install Zoom on your machine and some basic controls that you'll use in your Outschool classes.

Audio and Video controls

Here are some things you should try with Zoom:

  • Turn off / turn on microphone
  • Turn off / turn on video
  • Click the 'Participants' button and use the 'raise hand' button
  • Click the 'Chat' button and type 'hello!' into the chat box

More resources

If you have more questions about Zoom, it has an extensive help center:

Or just ask us in the chat box below, since we're happy to help!

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