All Outschool courses are recorded so that students, parents, and our team can review them if necessary: 

Outschool records all Zoom classes for various business and safety purposes; those recordings are made available to educators as well. The choice to share a recording with enrolled families lies solely with the educator. If an educator decides to not provide access to the recording, Outschool will support the educator's decision. That said, there are times when Outschool may have legal obligations to provide recording access to relevant parties, including parents, in accordance with our terms of service.

How it works:

  • Due to security issues, educators cannot share out an individual link with a specific, requesting family; if a family requests a link and the educator decides to provide it, the educator MUST post the link to the classroom--that means every enrolled family can now view the recording;

  • Educators must never share class recordings with anybody other than enrolled learner families, as described above;

  • Educators must never download footage of a class recording;

Finally, Outschool asks that an educator be mindful of sharing out class videos to the classroom if the educator is concerned about unverified learners in the class. Again, verifying learners at the beginning of each class is fundamental to creating a safe environment--please reach out to Trust & Safety to help with verification issues, should they arise.

As a result of a change in July 2021, when live class Zoom recordings are viewed from the classroom, they will show you and all learners in Gallery view. You can learn more here about Optimizing class recordings.

Sometimes a learner or parent will request a recording of a class session because they want to review or catch up. Recordings can take up to four hours to populate, so you may not be able to share a recording as soon as a class has finished. You can opt to receive emails from us that let you know whenever a recording is ready.

Sharing recordings in the classroom

Scheduled meetings appear in the classroom as “meeting posts”. Recordings for scheduled meetings will be linked from meeting posts automatically as soon as they are available, if your “Autopost Recordings” setting is ON in your teacher profile. If that setting is OFF, you will see a button to Share recording on each meeting post. Whether you share them automatically or manually, you can later hide them with a Hide recording button next to the meeting post.

If you want to share a class recording that doesn’t overlap with a scheduled meeting, you can create a new classroom post and include the link (see below) to that recording’s page. This can happen when you use the Start live meeting button to meet with learners outside your scheduled times, or to pre-record a video for your class. Remember that access is controlled by section, so the recording has to be made in the same section where you’re sharing it.

Please do not use the Start Live Meeting button in the classroom to record a solo lesson of yourself, as this will not produce a viable Zoom recording on the Recordings tab. Instead, you can use the Add a Video button by clicking the paperclip icon below Add new post. This will give you the option to record a video directly, or you can upload a pre-recorded video in another format from your device.

If you were approved as a teacher before 11/15/2019, “Autopost Recordings”is set to OFF by default. If you were approved after 11/15/2019, “Autopost Recordings”is set to ON by default. You can change this setting in either direction in your teacher profile. We recommend sharing more recordings: they help learners to review and catch up, and they promote your classes by showing parents what their kids experience.

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