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Video recordings of live online classes
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Outschool makes recordings of all live classes for safety and quality assurance.

Teachers can view class recordings via the Outschool platform in order to improve their classes. Some (but not all) teachers also make class recordings available via the Outschool classroom to families enrolled in class. Enrolling in class does not guarantee access to class recordings - they are shared at each teacher's discretion.

Before viewing a class recording on Outschool, families must agree not to share it with anyone: 

If you are the first person to view the recording, you will see the message “One moment - we’re processing the recording, it should be ready momentarily.” This one-time process prepares the recording to be played from the classroom page and may take several minutes. Once completed, it will be immediately available to learners that have access to the classroom. You can either wait for the process to complete from here or use the “Email me when ready” button to notify you via email when it’s complete.

While parents are welcome to take pictures and videos depicting their own learners participating in class, it is never okay to capture or share other learners' faces or names.

Outschool uses recordings to provide coaching to teachers, for customer support, and for compliance purposes.  We take learners' and teachers' privacy seriously and never share class recordings (or any of our community members’ personally identifying information) outside Outschool for marketing purposes or for any other reason without your explicit consent. Outschool retains videos for 90 days, after which they are automatically and permanently deleted.

We also have an alternate Learner Verification process for families who may not want to enable video for their learners.

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