Outschool offers a huge range of online classes with different formats.  Most classes on Outschool are live online classes that meet over group video chat.  

Live online classes

Live online classes include live meetings over video chat at scheduled times.  A class could meet just once, or many times over a semester.   Classes are more than the live meetings - most classes also involve independent work before or after the live meetings. 

Here's an example of a live online class:

Flexible schedule classes

Outschool also supports 'flexible schedule' classes that don't involve scheduled live meetings.  These classes have a specific start and end date and lots of student-teacher interaction.  The interaction is focused on asynchronous messaging using the Outschool classroom, or video chats that are arranged on a custom basis.

Online Classrooms

Outschool provides a homepage for each class - the Outschool Classroom.  It's a place for teachers and learners to interact.  Teachers can post announcements and start discussions, and students can participate.  

For live meetings, Outschool provides a video chat app called Zoom. We will send you the link to the online classroom for each class.  Most classes on Outschool use the built-in tools.  For classes with Zoom, you don't need to worry about logging in - it's handled automatically.  

Teachers may use a variety of other tools to help run their classes, like Canvas, Edmodo, Khan Academy, Remind, or others.  In that case the teacher will provide guidance on how to get access to the class.

Tips for your first live online class

Ready to get started?  See our video of tips for your first class

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