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Live class troubleshooting tips for parents
Live class troubleshooting tips for parents

Common fixes when you’re having trouble connecting to your live, video classroom.

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Outschool’s video classroom is designed to be easy for students and teachers to access, but we understand that, as with all technology, issues do sometimes arise. Here are tips to ensure a successful class.


  • We first recommend ensuring that your browser and device meet our technical requirements

  • You can use this link to make sure that you’re using the latest version of Zoom, our video chat service.

Common Issues and Fixes

"I’m not able to see my class"

Make sure you’re logged into the correct Outschool account

Make sure that you’re signed into the account used to purchase the class. This will be the account tied to the email address that received a confirmation notice for the class. You can confirm that you’re signed into the correct account by clicking into your account settings, then scrolling down to the email field.

If the email listed is not the one you used to purchase the course, you should log out and sign in to the correct account.

Check for your confirmation email
The confirmation email you received after purchasing the course will contain a link to the online classroom. You can also access the online classroom directly from your Outschool account by clicking the Schedule tab and scrolling down to that day's class.

"I just entered the classroom and I’m seeing the message 'Waiting for Host'"

If you see this message when trying to access a class, this means that the teacher has not started the live meeting. Please check both your Conversations tab and the Classroom page to see if the teacher has messaged with alternate arrangements for the class. If there are no messages from the teacher and you have seen this message for at least 10 minutes, please contact Outschool Support.

"I’m in class but I can’t hear the teacher"

Make sure your device’s audio is on
If you’re having trouble hearing the teacher, make sure that your device’s sound has been turned on. 

Test your audio and video on Zoom
You can use the following link to test your audio and other controls:

Consult Zoom’s support center
Zoom’s support center can also help you fix audio issues. This article provides a list of common audio fixes from Zoom:

"I was disconnected from my class"

Check your internet speed
A suggested minimum speed for reliable video chat is 3 Mbps for both upload and download. You can test your internet speed at

Restart your computer and/or browser
This classic fix for TVs and other household electronics can work wonders on a computer. Doing so will ensure that your computer is not getting stuck running any old processes.

Quit unrelated applications
The more programs that are running on your computer, the slower it will run. Make sure to close out old programs and unnecessary browser windows, as these can slow down your computer and prevent it from connecting to the Outschool classroom. 

"Why am I seeing the "Test Zoom Connection" button and how can I join the class?"

The "Test Zoom Connection" button will be shown before your first Outschool class and allows you to ensure Zoom is setup correctly before joining the class. The "Test Zoom Connection" button will permanently change to the "Join Live Meeting" button 15 minutes before the start of class.

Please note that the "Test Zoom Connection" button will not automatically change to "Join Live Meeting" when it is 15 minutes before class; so, please refresh the classroom page to see the "Join Live Meeting" button.

"Why is the "Join Meeting Button" disabled (greyed out) and how can I join the class?"

The "Join Live Meeting" button will be disabled (greyed out) until 30 minutes before the next start of class.

Other issues

Outschool relies on many tools working correctly together.  Many issues can be resolved by restarting one or more of the tools.  If you’re having trouble, we ask that you try these steps before reporting a problem to Outschool.

  • Quit and restart your browser

  • Reload the Outschool website

  • Un-install Zoom and then download and install the most recent version of Zoom from the Zoom site. After performing this, reboot your device

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