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Understanding alternative payment methods you can use on Outschool

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Outschool offers several different payment features to help parents purchase classes for their learners. The two main features are Credit and Wallets. Balances from either can be used towards the purchase of classes and reduce your out-of-pocket expense. Any remaining balance in your Credit and/or Wallet will be automatically applied to eligible classes at the point of purchase. In addition to Credits and Wallets, Outschool may also run other promotional offers throughout the year. Read below to learn more about these types of payment structures.

Credit Balances

Credit Balances are stored value on an Outschool account that can be acquired via gift card or through one of the listed promotions.

Credit Balances do not expire and cannot be refunded to your credit card. Your Credit Balance applies to the cost of your Outschool purchase(s), and can be used over several class purchases until the balance is depleted.

Wallet Balances

Wallet Balances represent access to pre-approved funds from an organization, such as a school, employer, or community organization, that have been delegated to an Outschool account (usually your main parent account).

The two main ways to access Wallet Balance funds are through your learner’s school or through your employer.

  • School Wallets are usually tied to your learner’s school email address

  • Employer Wallets are usually tied to your work email address, which must be listed in your account settings.

Wallet Balances displayed on the site can be revoked at any time by the sponsoring organization and are subject to the availability of organization funds.


Outschool has a couple general promotional programs for customers, including the following. The Parent Referral Program allows you to gain Outschool Credit as you promote Outschool to your networks, and as your networks start to take classes on Outschool. You’ll also see a couple ways to apply coupons to your purchases, including Outschool marketing promotions and educator-specific discounts. Credit earned under this program may have specific terms, please consult the Parent Referral Program rules for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view my Credit and Wallet balances?

Both Credit and Wallet Balances can be viewed within your Outschool account, at the top of your Transactions page.

Can I still cover the difference if the class costs more than what I have in a Balance?

Yes, you can make any remaining payment not covered by a Balance or Promotion with your credit card. We will ask for your credit card information upon purchase, and you can adjust your card on file at any time.

In general, can I combine Credit Balances, Wallet Balances, and Promotions together during purchases?

Yes, all offers described in this article can be combined, and they will apply so long as they are active on your account. For example, you can combine a $10 coupon code, a $20 parent referral credit, and $15 from your employer-provided Wallet Balance to cover the cost of a $45 Outschool class.

When making a purchase on Outschool, pricing offers are discounted from your total purchase price in the following order: first coupon codes, then Wallet Balance funds, and finally Credit Balance funds. Any remainder needed to cover your purchase will charge to your credit card.

How do Balances work with Outschool’s subscription offerings, Ongoing Classes and Groups?

You can sign up for both an Ongoing Class and a Group using a Balance, (either Credit or Wallet). Once you are subscribed to an Ongoing Class, your Balance will apply to weekly subscription payments until it is depleted, at which point your credit card will be charged. While subscribed to a Group, your Balance cannot currently apply to monthly subscription payments. After the first charge, subsequent monthly payments will be charged to your credit card.

Why do I need to input my credit card when I have a Balance to cover the cost of class?

If you are enrolling in an Outschool class for a learner under the age of 13, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card information for the limited purpose of providing identity verification. In other words, your use of a credit card serves as proof that you are the learner’s parent or guardian. We will not charge your credit card until your purchases exceed the amount of applied pricing offers (e.g. Wallet Balance, Credit Balance, and/or Promotion).

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