Thank you for being part of the Outschool community! We've seen that many Outschool users invite their friends to join them in class or in the broader community.

To help you promote Outschool to your networks, we offer a Parent Referral Program that rewards parents for referring and for being referred. Read this article for more information on our separate Teacher Referral Program.

Give $20, Get $20

When you refer someone, they'll get a $20 credit upon signup to use towards their first class. When they take the class, you'll get a $20 credit. To refer someone, visit our invite page.

Once the person you referred takes their first class, you’ll receive an email letting you know that your $20 credit has been automatically applied to your account as Outschool credit, which you can see from your Transactions page.

The $20 referral credit will also appear when you go to enroll in a live class.

Your Outschool Credit will only be applied once the email address attached to your Outschool account is confirmed. If your email is unconfirmed in our system, you’ll see a banner prompting you to confirm it. You’ll then be able to redeem your referral credit.

Please note that joining a Group or flex class does not count as a class enrollment for the purposes of the Parent Referral Program. Your referred user will need to enroll in a live class for you both to earn credit.

How we track referrals

Whenever you use the 'share' button on an Outschool class, or share via the referral page, we include your personal referral code. When someone clicks on a link you've shared, we can use the code to attribute their signup to you. This information is stored in our database and powers the referral program. You can check the status of your referral credits by visiting outschool.com/invite. At the bottom of that page, you’ll see information on the credits that you’ve received and whether they’ve been redeemed.

  • Signed up means that your referred user has created their Outschool account, but they’ve not yet enrolled their learner in a live class, or their learner has not attended their first class yet.

  • Credit earned means that your referred user has enrolled and attended their first class.

  • Credit claimed means that your earned referral credit has been applied to your Outschool Credit balance or towards an eligible enrollment.

Referral Program Policies

Referral rewards only apply to certain users and purchases. Here's the fine print!

General Terms

A referred user is someone who signs up to Outschool in response to an invitation or shared link from an existing user. To be eligible for the referral program, a referred user must:

  • sign up on or after July 16, 2018

  • have a single Outschool account. Users creating multiple accounts for the purpose of collecting referral credits may be subject to removal.

  • be attributed in our database to another referring user

The $20 referred user credit becomes available upon signup in the form of Outschool Credit.

​A referring user is an existing Outschool user who invites a new user to Outschool.

The $20 referring user credit becomes available as Outschool Credit after the referred user begins their first live class.

Other policies

  • Referral rewards are earned only in Outschool Credit.

  • Referring users cannot exceed a maximum of $2000 received in Outschool Credit.

  • Outschool Credit is not transferable and has no cash value. In the case of teachers, Outschool Credit can not be converted to cash for teachers except in the case of non-related, verified, and attending learners. Please see Terms & Conditions.

  • Our team will honor unclaimed referral credits earned prior to January 6, 2021 through December 31, 2021, at which point they will no longer be redeemable.

  • A referred user's first purchase is required to be a direct enrollment in a non-flex class in order for the referring user to receive Outschool credit. A referring user will not receive Outschool Credit if the referred user claims a gift enrollment as their first purchase. If a referred user’s first class is flex, the referring user will not receive credit until the referred user enrolls and starts a non-flex class.

  • In order for both parties to qualify for the referral credit, the new user must sign up for their Outschool account via the referring user’s invite link. Outschool is unable to attribute Outschool Credit retroactively if the new user did not create their account via the invite link; existing Outschool accounts will not be able to use the referral invite link.

  • Once the referral invite link is used, Outschool is unable to attribute the referral to another referrer or referee.

  • The referral invite link should only be used for personal, and not commercial purposes. Referral links should not be published or distributed on commercial websites, such as coupon websites or blogs.

  • Teachers should not attempt to cash out referrals, unless the credits are used by verified user through gift enrollments or for their own children in other teachers’ classes. Outschool instructors are welcome to refer new users to platform using their codes. However, parent-teachers should not enroll their own children using their own referral credits as payment to themselves. Teachers are encouraged to use their referral link for new families, however, any referred learners using a credit for that referring teacher’s class must be in attendance for the full length of the class or the payment is subject to reversal. Teachers may also use any stored credits to purchase gift enrollments for scholarships or gifts; all gift enrollment attendees must be verified and fully attend class or the payment may be reversed. Teacher referrals are subject to a $2000 cap.

  • Terms of the Parent Referral Program are subject to change at any point. Updates to policies will be posted here.

  • All use of Outschool referral funds is subject to Outschool's Terms of Service. Any perceived abuses the parent referral program (or coupons or financial assistance funds) may result in cancellation of stored funds and/or removal from the platform, as well as any necessary collection steps by Outschool to recover its assets.

Thanks for spreading the word about Outschool!

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