Outschool offers promotional offers from time to time. If you qualify to receive a discount on a class, you’ll receive an email from us. Outschool offers are applied as a refund on a class purchase:  you’ll need to first pay for the class in full, then we’ll issue a refund for the amount of the offer.

In order to claim an Outschool voucher, please reply to the offer email you received from us; when responding, you should include the six-digit Order ID from the confirmation email you received after purchasing the class. Our team will apply the discount and provide written confirmation within one business day of your response. Please note that while Outschool processes refunds immediately, it may take up to 10-14 days for this refund to be reflected on your card. Please follow up with your bank if you’re not seeing the refund within three business days of our confirmation.

Referral Program

Some credits are offered through our referral program - learn more about referral program credits.


If a voucher is applied to a class that is subsequently cancelled and refunded, you may use the offer on a different class. To do so, please reply to the original email thread with the new Order ID.

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