The Basics

What is Outschool and how does it work?

Outschool is a community marketplace of online classes for kids. We help parents find and register their learners for great classes across a variety of topics. We help qualified educators manage and promote their classes to parents. Outschool focuses on small-group, live, interactive, online classes, delivering excellent learning experiences. Every educator is screened, background checked, and provided with quality training by our team.

Outschool offers unparalleled diversity when it comes to teachers, subjects, and learners. With classes on everything from Fortnite to world dance to marine biology, you can find a great class to match your learners’ passions.

Who uses Outschool?

Outschool classes are open to learners ages 3 - 18, with class listings specifying the age range for which a class is designed. We are unable to accommodate learners under the age of 3 or above the age of 18 at this time.

Outschool works for all kids, no matter their schooling type, from brick and mortar to homeschool, and everything in between. Learning from home for the first time? See our 7 tips to start homeschooling.

What kind of quality or vetting do you do for your classes?

We review the professional background and education of all educators and select those who have teaching experience, subject matter expertise, or a unique passion they want to share with learners. Our team also ensures that teachers have the technical skills to successfully run online classes, and we provide thorough training and professional development opportunities to each of our teachers.

Each class is reviewed and approved by our team before it’s listed on the website, ensuring that all Outschool classes meet our standards for unique content, learning goals, teacher expertise, class experience, and more.

How does Outschool ensure safety in classes?

Learner safety is our top priority. Read more about how we ensure that all classes are safe, private, and inclusive for our learners.

One way we make sure that classes are safe is by guaranteeing that all attendees of Outschool classes are kids under 18. While we encourage all learners to enable their audio/video during class to create a social class experience, we realize that this isn’t comfortable for all learning needs. For kids who don’t wish to turn their camera on during class, parents should follow our learner verification process.

If you are a parent supervising a learner during class, we ask that you stay off-screen as much as possible. If your learner requires more active participation or supervision from you during class, please reach out to the teacher to let them know prior to class.

My learner has special needs. Is Outschool a fit?

We welcome learners of all abilities at Outschool. Many Outschool educators have backgrounds in teaching children with various abilities. Others may be open to it. If there is a class you like, message the teacher directly and see if they are open to making accommodations within their existing classroom for your child based on their needs. Read more about learning with special needs on Outschool.

Payment and Technology

How much does it cost? What payment methods do you accept?

Outschool is free to join, and each class is priced separately based on class format, teacher preference, and overall Outschool class pricing. All classes are backed by our Happiness Guarantee.

We accept payment by credit/debit card, with Stripe as our payment processor, and by Apple Pay. Read more about paying for Outschool classes.

Do you provide discounts for siblings or multiple kids?

Outschool offers small group classes that are focused on interaction. Because of this, each child should be enrolled individually. Some teachers are willing to provide sibling discounts, so you can always message a teacher before signing up for a class to see if this would be a possibility.

What kind of technology and materials do I need?

We encourage your learners to participate in their natural learning environment, using the device of their choice. Outschool works on all major web browsers, and we use Zoom for live video meetings. You’ll need a working webcam and microphone, and a solid internet connection. Read more about our technical requirements and tips to prepare for your first class.

While most Outschool classes take place live, we do have two offerings that take place asynchronously, a great fit for learners who don’t wish to attend live, video classes. Read more about Flex Classes and Groups.

Special Programs

Are you a charter school vendor?

Yes, Outschool is a pre-approved vendor for over 50 charter schools in California, Alaska, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Canada. If you'd like to register for Outschool classes, ask your charter school to partner with us. Read more about how to use charter funds.

Do you work with school districts?

Yes, Outschool partners with public, private and charter schools in a variety of ways, providing free online teacher training, and partnering with districts to help them make Outschool classes available to their students and communities. Read more about Outschool for Schools.

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