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Creating custom coupon codes for families

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Educator Coupons are a great way to drive interest in your classes on Outschool! Use the Coupons tab in your dashboard to create custom coupon codes for families. When enrolling in your class, families can use the coupon code you’ve created to take a specific dollar amount off the class price.

Creating Coupons

Follow the steps below to create a coupon.

1. From your Teaching Dashboard, click on the Coupons tab.

2. Click on the Create Coupon button

3. Fill in each field to create your custom code. The code generated will begin with the first four letters of your last name and end with the dollar value of the code. A random string of four letters and numbers will first appear in the middle of the code, which you can customize with four letters or numbers of your choosing.

You can set the description of the code (for your reference only), the start and end dates the code can be used, the value, and whether the code is applied to one, multiple, or all of your classes. Remember that classes on Outschool must be a minimum of $1, even after a coupon has been applied.

4. After creating your code, it will appear with the discount details and a template you can use to share directly with families.

Redemption details

Below the template to share with families, you’ll see details about who redeemed the code, for which class, and when.

This may be helpful in keeping track of coupon usage with your learner families.

Sharing with families

You can share your coupon codes with families on the Outschool classroom, in conversations with parents, or on social media. You may also include a coupon code on your public teacher profile and/or in a course description, as long as the code applies to that specific class.

When a family enrolls in class using your coupon code, the code applied will display in the corresponding "new learner" email you receive for the enrollment. Please note that for ongoing classes, the coupon will apply only to the first subscription charge, and families will pay directly with their credit card or Outschool Credit (if applicable) for weekly charges thereafter.

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