Our foremost concern is learner safety, and we approach this in several ways as described by our safety policy.  

As a teacher, you may encounter situations in which a learner's behavior merits special attention. Perhaps it's a learner who appears to be a bully (or be bullied), or who behaves inappropriately, or whose behavior suggests trouble at home.

We ask that you share any concerning incidents with Outschool support, and we will work with you to resolve them.  That may involve helping to contact the learner's parents, or just in helping you decide how to proceed.

Responsibility to report

If you believe a learner's safety may be in jeopardy, you should report the situation to Outschool support.  In addition, you may have a legal responsibility to report based on your occupation and your location.  Outschool cannot advise on your personal responsibility to report.

Outschool acts as a voluntary reporter.  When we discover situations in which a learner may be at risk, we will report to the appropriate authority.  If a teacher has an individual responsibility to report, we will work with you to decide which party will report the situation. 

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