Organization Teacher Substitution Policy

Organizations should not substitute teachers before or after a section has begun except in unavoidable circumstances (i.e. emergencies). The teacher assigned to a section should teach the section in its entirety.

In cases where a substitution must be made, the learners and families in the class should receive notice via the classroom or direct message as far in advance as possible of the class that will be substituted.

Organization Teacher Shadowing & Helper Policy

Organizations may have no more than one guest join a class for various reasons including as a guest lecturer, as an assistant, for training purposes, and others. When a guest joins, the learners and families should receive notice via the class page as far in advance as possible, at least 24-hours encouraged and the guest should be introduced to the learners during the live class time. For classes where this is a planned aspect of the curriculum, the class description should clearly state this. Having a guest join the classroom should not disrupt class time or veer from the class description.

Organization Account Access Policy

Each teacher for an organization must access Outschool through their own user account. Organization admins may not share login credentials with their teachers or allow teachers to share login credentials.

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