Communicate with parents through Outschool

All communication between parents and teachers should occur through the Outschool platform. In order to ensure that all users have a high quality, safe and positive experience on Outschool, our support team needs to have visibility into what’s been going on. For example, if parents feel that the teacher hasn’t been communicating in a timely manner, we may want to see the messaging that has occurred so that we are able to fully understand both sides of any issue that may arise. When parents and teachers communicate via texting or personal emailing, it is difficult for us to do so. The same goes for payments that take place outside of Outschool. The support team can only assist with refunds and verify payments that take place through the Outschool platform. Help us help you!

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Promote your other Outschool classes!

Outschool encourages teachers to promote their other Outschool classes, but we do not authorize any promotion of outside classes, services, businesses, or personal websites/social media anywhere on the Outschool platform. Class listings, teacher profiles, classrooms, and private messages should be free of any links/information that might drive users away from our platform. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Encouraging families to enroll in classes on other platforms

  • Soliciting teachers to teach on platforms outside of Outschool

  • Asking users to purchase outside products/services you may provide off-platform

  • Hosting Outschool classes on any platform outside of Outschool

The only exception to this is if you are teaching a class that incorporates the use of another Learning Management System, such as Canvas or Google Classroom. Please note that Outschool may request access to your LMS if a situation arises in one of your classes.

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