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Reviewing a class

Guidelines to leave an authentic review once your learner has completed class.

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Reviews are a critical tool in helping parents decide which classes are right for them, and in sharing feedback with teachers. At Outschool, all of our reviews are from parents who have enrolled their learner(s) in class. We believe that authentic reviews are more beneficial than 'testimonials,' which may not come from real customers. Our general policy is to not alter parent reviews; instead, parents can update their reviews, and teachers can respond to reviews.

Outschool is thus committed to sharing all feedback that is provided by our parents. However, some instances may require our team to investigate and determine whether the written component of review, as written, stands. If we remove the full written review, the star rating is also removed.

How to leave a review

After your learner has attended a class or withdrawn, you’ll have up to 30 days after the class ends to leave a public review for that class and teacher. You’ll be prompted to do so several times by email and within your Outschool account.

For an Ongoing class, you can leave feedback after one week of attending class and will receive a reminder to review it after three completed weeks.

For a 1-on-1 class, you can leave feedback after the first meeting and will receive a reminder to review it after three completed sessions.

Complete the steps below to leave your review.

  1. Navigate to the Transcripts section of your account, from the upper right drop-down menu.

  2. Under the class name, you'll see a "Give feedback" button, which you can use to leave your review.

If you need to change your review, you can go back to your Transcripts section, where you will see an option to edit your feedback. You can make any changes to your feedback within the 30-day review period.

Please note that completed 1-on-1 class meetings are not listed on the Transcripts page. To leave a review in a 1-on-1 class, navigate to the enrollment management page from your learner schedule. Click the Review Class link on the right-hand side of the enrollment management page to submit feedback.

Parent Review Guidelines

Here is some advice to ensure that reviews are authentic, appropriate, and informative.

  • All reviews must be in keeping with our Community Standards and Golden Rules.

  • Do not ask teachers for discounts or free classes in exchange for positive reviews as it is against Outschool policy.

  • For privacy reasons, reviews should be written by parents rather than learners. If you would like to incorporate your learner’s feedback about a class, feel free to do so, in keeping with these guidelines.

  • Make sure to leave a written public comment, which is what other parents find most useful.

  • Write reviews that are informative, specific (instead of “a lot,” give a number of times) and constructive.

  • Provide examples of what you liked and disliked in the class.

  • For privacy reasons, photos should not include screenshots of any classroom posts, private learner messages, private parent messages, or likenesses/information about other learners. Problems stemming from issues about other child learners should never be called out in a review in a way is identifiable or shaming, but should rather be brought to the attention of the teacher or Outschool support.

  • If you are not happy with the class, explain why and be as specific as possible. Specific constructive feedback can be left privately for an instructor under "private feedback." Likewise any issues that you would confidentially like Outschool to know about can be left for our support team through "Outschool feedback." Public feedback should be helpful in describing your insights and experiences.

  • If you experience a technical issue (can’t access the classroom, Zoom not working, connectivity problem) while joining class and cannot get in, please use the Help button to resolve the issue with our support team, rather than leaving a negative review for class.

  • You can edit your review for up to 30 days after the class ends.

To maintain the integrity of our authentic system and confidence in parents leaving real reviews, as stated above, Outschool prohibits both teachers and parents from engaging in any kind of quid pro quo in suggesting that reviews are conditional upon refunds, free classes, or discounts; likewise, immediate family members should not review classes of teachers they are related to, nor should teachers ever review their own classes. Engagement in this type of behavior could result in removal from the platform. Should you be made to feel uncomfortable or unreasonably pressured to change a review, please report any such breaches of trust to

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