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Teacher Guide to Parent Feedback
Teacher Guide to Parent Feedback

Understanding how Outschool displays parent reviews and feedback

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This article explains the different types of feedback parents can give after a completed class, and where you can view and respond as an Outschool Teacher.

When learners complete a class, parents receive two emails prompting them to leave honest feedback for class, as well as a reminder banner on their account page.

Types of Feedback

Public Reviews

These are star-based ratings with the option for additional written feedback. Starred reviews with written feedback appear both on the class listing and your public teacher profile.

At the top of the class listing, you’ll see the total number of reviews and average star rating for both your classes overall and for this class in particular.

At the bottom of the class listing page, you’ll see every starred review with written feedback for that particular class.

On your public teacher profile, you’ll see all your public written reviews for classes over time. If a parent only leaves a star rating without written feedback, it will not appear on the class listing or your public teacher profile but will be calculated into your average star rating.

When a parent leaves a new review, you’ll automatically receive an email from Outschool to view it and respond. The subject line reads, “New review for ‘Class Title.’” You can respond once to publicly written reviews from the Class Listing or from your public teacher profile. This email provides links to both pages.

Private Feedback

Parents can also leave private feedback with their review for your class. This written note will not appear in any public page on Outschool. If a parent included private feedback in their review, you’ll see it in the email notification we send you about new reviews. Private feedback will also appear within the Recordings tab of a completed class section.

Please note that this type of feedback cannot be responded to directly, but you can respond to a parent from your Conversations.

Important Notes

  • Parents can review and submit feedback for any class they’ve enrolled in, or they’ve attended a class meeting.

  • Parents are able to review a class, or edit any existing reviews, for up to 30 days after the class has ended.

  • For Flex classes, parents can leave feedback as soon as the class reaches its end date.

  • For Ongoing classes, parents can leave feedback after one week of attending class and will receive a reminder to review it after three completed weeks.

  • For 1-on-1 classes, parents can leave feedback after the first meeting and will receive a reminder to review it after three completed sessions.

Read more about Reacting to Class Reviews.

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