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How to find the right classes to meet your learners’ needs

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What types of classes do you offer?

For almost any subject you or your learner can think of, you’ll find a class for it on Outschool.

We offer many different types of classes, ranging from more traditional core curriculum subjects, such as math, language arts, and writing, to more pop culture topics like Dungeons & Dragons, Wings of Fire, or Stranger Things. Outschool offers a wide variety of STEAM classes covering everything from coding and engineering, physics, veterinary care, and video games, and a breadth of enrichment activities like cooking, dance, art, music, yoga, and meditation.

We also offer a variety of formats to fit your schedule. One-time classes provide a class meeting only once on a particular topic. Multi-day and Multi-week courses provide a deeper dive on a subject, as do Semester courses. Flexible Schedule classes do not offer live meetings, but have a specific start and end date and lots of student-teacher interaction via asynchronous messaging in the Outschool Classroom, or via video chats that are arranged on a custom basis. Read more about different class formats.

How do I know what classes my learner would like?

We suggest you ask them! You know your learner best as far as where their interests lie, their learning style, and what makes them really tick. This learning preferences article on our blog may offer some good initial guidance.

We recommend starting with a one-time class to get your first taste of the Outschool experience.

How do I find classes on the platform?

Visit the Search page and use the dropdown filters to narrow your search (age, grade, subject, price, etc.). Use the class format buttons above the search bar to choose between tutoring and group class types.

I’m looking for academic, core curriculum courses.

Great! Outschool offers plenty of academic, core curriculum classes. From the Search page, search for an academic subject of interest, for example “US History” or “Algebra 2” or “Literature.” Click on a class title of interest from the search results. Review the Class Experience description, learning goals, time commitment, supply list, etc. You can also read other parent reviews of this class at the bottom of the listing. If you think this would be a good fit for you and your learner, click the purple Enroll button.

I’m looking for enrichment-heavy, fun classes.

Fantastic! Outschool offers a breadth of fun classes on any topic that might capture your learner’s interest. If they’ve taken up drawing or art recently, search for that topic in the search bar and review your options in the results. If 2D Animation or Python Coding is more their speed, you can find those classes too.

Read up on more ideas for enrichment activities and learning opportunities for your child by following the Outschool Blog. We regularly update the blog with tips, announcements, and experiences from Outschool Community members.

I’m looking for remedial help and extra practice opportunities for my learner.

Welcome! Lots of Outschool teachers offer private, individualized tutoring, in addition to group live classes. If your learner needs some extra help with math, for example, search “Math Tutoring” to review opportunities.

I’m looking for school break (summer, vacation) classes and camps.

At Outschool, Camps are multi-day courses that meet during the summer, at least twice per week. Explore all Camps. These can span various topics and subjects your learner might want to explore.

Remember, you can schedule classes on any topic at your family’s convenience, provided you have a device and internet connection. Take a trip somewhere and learn yoga on the beach, if you’d like!

How might I request a topic or class?

When logged into your Outschool account, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and you’ll see the Request a class button.

Be as specific and detailed in your request as possible. If a teacher decides to build a class based on your request, we’ll reach out to you directly with the link to enroll.

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