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Self-Paced Classes for Families
Self-Paced Classes for Families

Self-paced classes empower learners to advance through class at their own pace.

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In Self-Paced classes, learners access pre-recorded lessons instead of live video meetings and receive teacher feedback and support while completing lessons.

Enroll Now and Start Anytime

Self-paced classes include access to pre-recorded video lessons for an entire year and teacher feedback for a preset number of weeks. For more detailed information about a class, visit the class details page. When you're ready to begin, click Enroll Now, Start Anytime.

Select a Start Date

By default, your enrollment starts immediately. If you prefer to start later, choose a future start date for when your learner will begin content access.

Your teacher's availability to answer questions or provide feedback will begin on whichever day your learner begins to access content.

Choose Your Payment Option

Pay Upfront

If you pay upfront, your learner receives all content immediately and can advance through the class at their own pace.

Please note Outschool’s Standard Refund Policy. Once your learner starts, you are not eligible for a refund if you cancel the enrollment. We recommend reviewing the Class Experience section on the class details page before finalizing your purchase.

Pay Weekly

If you pay weekly, you make your first payment when you enroll. Outschool will continuously charge you every Sunday evening Pacific time until you pay for the total enrollment.

Depending on when you enroll, you may see your first two charges within the same day. It's important to note that the second charge is not an additional fee but a part of the total enrollment price of the class.

Once your learner starts, their first lesson will be available immediately, and additional lessons will become available every seven days. The new content schedule may differ from the recurring charge schedule (Sunday evening Pacific time) and depends on your learner's start date.

You can withdraw mid-enrollment to stop future charges. Please note that learners who withdraw before the end of the class will lose access to all content.

Start Learning

You can view your classroom by clicking the Classroom link from your confirmation email or by navigating to and clicking on the tile with the name of our self-paced class under Upcoming Classes & Tutoring Sessions. You will then see a big purple button that says Enter Classroom.

Learners enter the classroom from their learner profile to view lessons. The new week’s lesson becomes available every seven days for weekly enrollments. When finished, click the Mark Lesson as Completed button to add a checkmark to the lesson.

Learners use the comment box at the bottom of each lesson to communicate with the teacher and submit assignments. The teacher can provide feedback throughout the class length listed on the class details page, and learners will receive a notification when the teacher replies to their message.

Self-paced enrollments include lesson access for an entire year so learners can revisit the content as often as they’d like.

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