Ongoing classes provide a way for learners to study a certain topic with the same teacher without a set end date. This class type works well for art classes, book clubs, music lessons, and other topics that can always use further study.

This article will outline how scheduling and billing works for these classes. Ongoing classes make up a small number of courses on Outschool; you can read about how Outschool classes work for general information about our classes.

Ongoing classes meet at least once weekly and are charged weekly as a subscription on Sunday mornings. The price that you see listed on the class page is for each week of the class. Outschool will bill you each week that you are enrolled in the class, but you can stop your subscription at any time. Parents receive a full refund of their most recent subscription payment if they stop their subscription within 24 hours of auto-renewal. Note that this condition does not apply if that week’s class meeting has already started.

Instead of the green Enroll button, you’ll see a Subscribe button where you enroll in an Ongoing class.

Stopping Your Subscription

If you would like to stop your subscription to an ongoing class, you can use the “Stop Subscription” button on the For Parents tab of the Classroom. Get there by clicking the class title from your Learner Schedule. Please be sure to stop your subscription before Sunday so that you will not be charged for the upcoming week.

You can also resume your subscription here, if and when you’d like to resubscribe.

Please note that you can only stop your subscription to an ongoing class after the first class meeting occurs. If you're trying to stop your subscription within the before that, you’ll only be able to withdraw, with a refund dependent upon the class’ refund policy.

Changing the Credit Card Associated with Class

To change your credit card associated with an ongoing class subscription, you should change your credit card information from your account settings, selecting the Manage Payment Method option.

Select remove next to your existing card information, then enter and save your new credit card information.

Your new card will be charged on Sunday for the next week of class, and you can join as normal when it's time for class to begin. There’s no need to stop or change your enrollment in any way.

Finding Subscription Payments

​​You’ll see all subscription payments on your Payments page, under the “Purchases” dropdown menu in the top right of your account.

If, according to our attendance logs, your learner has not attended three consecutive meetings of an ongoing class, we will automatically cancel your subscription to the class. In the case that you were unsubscribed in error, please contact us using the help button in the upper right or at

If no meeting occurs due to a holiday or a teacher being unable to attend class, you will not be charged for that week.

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