Teaching live classes with Zoom

Zoom is our video chat platform

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Zoom is our integrated video chat platform.  

We use Zoom because it offers these features:

  • simple setup

  • reliable video chat

  • screen-sharing (eg for slideshows and videos)

  • 'raise hand' feature

  • whiteboard

  • text chat

  • tools to manage learners

  • automatic video recording

Using Zoom with your classes

As a teacher, all you have to do is click the 'Start live meeting' button. Outschool handles the rest! Teachers are required to have their cameras on while teaching a live class, and their face should be fully visible on-screen.

We make sure the students are placed into the right video chat room by providing them with a link to join the class from their side. The Zoom meeting is unique to the section and is available at any time for you to access. 

To test our Zoom, first make sure you have created a class and created at least one section for that class.  Select a section, click the 'Classroom' tab, and then click 'Start live meeting'.

Learn more about getting started with Zoom.

FAQ about Zoom

Is there a single link to Zoom, or are they all different?
Every section has its own unique Zoom meeting.  Learners must enroll in a class before they can gain access to a Zoom meeting for it.

Are Zoom meetings always active? Can learners log in at any time?
The Zoom meeting is always available for the teacher to access. Learners may not access the online classroom until the teacher has entered.

Why are classes recorded, and who owns the recordings?
See our policy on recordings.

Can I use screen sharing to play a video clip for my students during a class?
You can, but you have to take an extra step to make it work. When sharing your screen, make sure to check the "Share computer sound" and “Optimize for Video Clip” checkbox at the bottom of the sharing dialog box, once you’ve selected which window to share from.

For more details and limitations, see these articles by Zoom:

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