Outschool provides a home page for each class that occurs on Outschool - we call this the Outschool classroom. It's a place for learners and teachers to interact during the class.

How it works

The classroom is for class announcements and discussions.  

  • Each section of a class has its own classroom page, which is accessible to everyone enrolled in that section
  • Teachers can create new posts, and learners are notified of new posts
  • Learners can add comments to posts, and teachers are notified of new comments
  • Teachers and learners both have the ability to attach files and record videos through classroom posts or comments.
  • There is always a default first post welcoming students to the classroom
  • If multiple learners are enrolled by one parent, then the user identifies herself as one of the learners in order to enter the classroom

In addition, the classroom provides a link to join video chats in zoom.

Guidelines on use

The classroom is public to all enrolled learners.  Posts and comments should be relevant to the whole class. For private messaging with a parent, you should send a message instead.

Accessing the classroom

The classroom is linked from each section - click the 'Classroom' button at the top of your section page.

Adding posts

Add a new post to make an announcement, start a discussion, or share resources. You can attach files or videos to each post. The maximum file size allowed in the classroom is 50MB.

Best practices for flexible schedule lesson uploading

We encourage teachers to use an outside recording platform instead of the Outschool platform to make any fpre-recorded lesson videos. While recordings made through the “start live meeting” button in the classroom can only be shared within the class section where they were created, recordings made with an outside platform can be shared in any section of a flex class. If you’re using a Mac, the built-in iMovie recorder works great. Quicktime is another good, free option for both Macs and PCs. Beyond these tools, you’re welcome to use any other recording app that you enjoy. 

Because of Outschool’s file size limit, many teachers like to upload their recordings as unlisted YouTube videos. Unlisted videos are similar to Outschool class recordings in that only those with the link can view them. This will allow you to share a recording of any length with students without worrying about file limitations.

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