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Accessing the Learner Space & Classroom
Accessing the Learner Space & Classroom

Navigating between parent and learner-dedicated spaces

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Every learner at Outschool has a dedicated space designed just for them. This is where learners log in to view their schedule and enter class.

Switching to Learner Space

  • Once learners switch to their learner space, they cannot sign up for or purchase classes. However, they can browse classes and favorite ones that appeal to them.

  • Learners can message teachers privately in their learner space, and you’ll be notified of the conversation as their parent/guardian.

  • This feature enables learners to use Outschool more independently. Even if your learner is too young to use the space independently, please switch to this space when your learner uses Outschool.

To begin, use the switcher in the upper right corner (drop down from your avatar) to switch to the learner space for each learner in your account.

The learner space is comprised of three tabs: Home, Search, and Saved Classes. The Home tab shows the classes the learner is currently enrolled in. It also has a Show Past Classes button to review their completed classes in the past six months.

When learners first enter their space, they will be placed in the Search tab's Find Classes search bar. When they see a class that sparks their interest, they can click on it to view a detailed description of the class and the teacher. If it seems like a class they want to take, the learner can save it as a favorite.

Once a learner saves a class, it will appear on their Saved Classes tab in their space.

Entering the Classroom as a Learner

Learners enter the classroom from their learner space. If you're in the parent view, you can enter the classroom as your learner by clicking Enter Classroom as Learner on the enrollment management page.

You'll see the classroom right away, where learners can review teacher announcements and join meetings for live classes. If viewing the classroom for a past class, learners can still access the classroom, but they’ll no longer have access to the Join Live Meeting button.

For classes with a syllabus and lessons, learners will see a Classroom tab highlighting the next upcoming lesson.

The Lessons tab shows all the lessons in the class and the learner's progress through them. The lessons are in order of meeting date and may differ from the syllabus. Learners can only access paid-for lessons and past lessons.

For self-paced classes, learners can access the content for one year from the start date.

Preventing Learners from Accessing the Parent Space

Parents can switch from parent to learner space and back at any time. Because parent mode is not designed for learners under 13, we warn younger learners that it is not for them and put in place controls to help prevent them from switching to and accessing parent mode.

The default control requires you to solve a multiplication problem to switch from learner space to parent mode.

Optional Password Protection

If the multiplication problem is too easy for your learner, you can also change this control through your account settings to require that you reenter your account password when switching from the learner space to parent mode.

If you only log into Outschool with your third-party account (Facebook, Google, or Apple), you’ll need to first set an account password in your account settings using the Change your Password button. Once you’ve added your account password, you can check the box under Learner Preferences next to the Parent password prompt to require it when switching back to your parent space.

If you don’t use a third-party account to log in to Outschool, you can still set your password protection here at any time in your account settings.

Remember to click outside of the field anywhere on the page to save your settings. When transitioning back to the parent view, you may see the logged-out page briefly before returning to your parent home page.

If this setting is on, you’ll be prompted to enter your account password when switching from your learner space to your parent space.

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