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Building connections with Outschool classmates

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Learner Profiles allow learners to safely share a bit about themselves with their Outschool classmates. From your learner’s dedicated space, they’ll be prompted to edit their Learner Profile.

They can add a short “About Me” bio, share their top classes, and select their avatar. They can make changes at any time by clicking the down arrow next to their name in the upper right, then using the pencil icon. Note that name, age, and location data are sourced from your account settings, where you can make changes at any time.

Learners can choose to show or hide their age and location within their Learner Profile settings by clicking Edit age and location below their profile image and details on the left-hand side.

FAQs about Learner Profiles

How does Outschool moderate the content in Learner Profiles?

We moderate content in Learner Profiles the same way we moderate other content on Outschool. You can review Content Moderation Guidelines for Learners for more information.

How do you protect my learner’s private information?

The only information shared publicly on their Profile is your learner’s first name, state, country, and age. Our content moderation system will catch anything that should not be shared, like social media handles, in the About Me section.

Where can I view my learner’s Profile?

From your parent view of a classroom, click on the three dots next to your learner’s name under Enrolled on the right-hand side, then click View Profile to see your learner’s Profile.

Who can see my learner’s Profile?

Only people associated with your learner’s class active enrollments will be able to see their Profile. This includes other enrolled learners, their parents, the educator, and Outschool staff.

How can I keep track of my learner’s Profile changes?

When your learner edits their Profile, you’ll get an email from Outschool notifying you of the change.

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