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How to enroll in Outschool classes

Parents pay for each Outschool class that they wish to enroll their learner(s) in. At this time, we accept payment by credit or debit card, or through charter school funds. This article will focus on card methods.

When you’re ready to enroll, click the green “Enroll” button on a class listing page next to the time that best fits your schedule. Clicking this button will direct you to the payment window and enroll you in the selected time. For ongoing subscription classes, this button will say “Subscribe” instead of “Enroll.”

Once you’ve clicked the “Enroll” button, you will be asked to choose which learner(s) to enroll in the class. You’ll also be able to include an optional message to the educator from here.

Clicking the second “Enroll” button will direct you to our payment screen, which is run through the payment provider Stripe. The payment screen will accept most major credit and debit cards.

Clicking the “Save for later” checkbox will save your card information securely in your account to allow for faster purchases going forward. You can always update your saved card.

Pay weekly for multi-week classes

Some multi-week classes are eligible for weekly payment, allowing families to choose between a smaller fee each week or a one-time purchase upfront.

If a class is eligible for weekly payments, you will see “Charged weekly” over a set number of weeks on the class listing page.

Outschool will continuously charge you each week until you pay for the total enrollment. You can withdraw at any time and receive a refund of your most recent payment within 24 hours of purchase before the first meeting of the payment period.

Please note that learners who withdraw before the end of the class will lose access to the classroom.

Apple Pay

If Apple Pay is set up on your device, you’ll see the option to pay with Apple Pay instead of a credit card on the enrollment screen. Please note that this option will only appear using Safari on Mac OS or iOS.

This will complete your payment for class with Apple Pay. If purchasing an ongoing class, it will charge via Apple Pay for subsequent subscription charges.

Payment methods we accept

We accept payment by all major credit/debit cards, via the payment provider Stripe, which powers our class purchases. We also accept Apple Pay. Read below if you’re located outside the U.S.

Paying for Outschool classes from outside the U.S.

Outschool is a US-based company, but our learners are located all across the globe. All prices listed on Outschool default to U.S. Dollars (USD), but you can choose to pay in any of the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, JPY, KRW, and AUD. You can select your currency of choice from the upper-right dropdown menu under ‘Language and Region’.

When paying in a non-USD local currency, you will see the charge paid in your selected currency from your Transactions page, on your receipt, and on the email confirmation of your purchase. You will not incur any foreign transaction fees, and if you receive a refund, you will not incur any foreign exchange rate fees either.

Please note that you will see other currencies outside of the list above, but only for reference. You will be charged in USD if you pick a currency that Outschool does not support.

Paying for classes with ESA and Microgrant Funds

Outschool is an approved vendor for ESA and microgrant programs in select states. Families who live in Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and New Hampshire can click here to learn more about enrolling in classes through these state programs.

Florida families enrolled in the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities and Scholarships for Personalized Education Programs can click here to learn how to use these funds on Outschool.

Don't see your state? Sign up on this page to get notified when Outschool is approved for your ESA or Microgrant program.

How we handle refunds

When a class payment is refunded, you’ll receive an email from Outschool confirming the amount refunded. You can also view the same information by viewing your receipt for the class on the Transactions page.

Depending on your financial institution, a refund can take up to 10 business days to appear on your statement. Refunds are sometimes processed as reversals, so you may not see a refund line item, but you will see the amount credited back to your card.

If the card used to make the purchase is no longer active, you may need to contact your credit card company or bank to retrieve the funds, or we will issue you a credit to your account. Learn more about our refund policies and happiness guarantee.

Viewing receipts

Select Transactions from your profile dropdown menu. From your Transactions page, click View Receipt under the class title to view the purchase details for that enrollment.

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