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Standard Refund Policy and Automatic Refunds
Standard Refund Policy and Automatic Refunds

Understanding Outschool’s Standard Refund Policy.

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If you withdraw your learner(s) from class, you may be eligible for a refund based on the Standard Refund Policy. Refund within 24 hours of payment until your next meeting or lesson access begins.

Requesting a Refund

You may be eligible to receive a refund based on the Standard Refund Policy. To cancel your enrollment, click the class title on your schedule and visit the enrollment management page.

Note that if you are outside the policy’s refund window, using the “withdraw” button will only remove your learner from class and not issue a refund. You can always contact us at with any issues not covered by the refund feature.

Once you’ve clicked the “withdraw” button, fill out the form that pops up to withdraw from the class and receive any applicable refunds.

If you transfer into a class section and then withdraw, the timing of the Standard Refund Policy will apply based on the start time of the earliest class section you enrolled in, as opposed to the class section you were transferred into. For example, if you originally enrolled in a December 1st section and transfer into a December 15th section of the same class, the policy timeframe from the December 1st section will apply.

Refunds for Ongoing Classes

Parents enrolled in an ongoing class will see a “stop subscription” button instead of “withdraw” on the classroom page after the class’s first meeting.

Use this button to prevent any future weekly charges, starting with the following billing period, which rolls over Sunday mornings Pacific time. You can use this to stop future charges at any time. Refunds for past charges are at the teacher's discretion.

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