How Outschool markets to parents

How we use emails and other marketing to reach parents

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Outschool performs a variety of marketing efforts to bring new parents to the community and to help them find the classes that are right for them. 


Upcoming Classes

On Sundays we send parents an email that describes their upcoming schedule for the week and showcases other classes starting that week.

New Classes

On Thursday we send a New Classes update that features newly published classes.

Seasonal Emails

Depending on the time of year, we sometimes send additional emails featuring semester-length classes or other subsets of classes.

Why don’t I see my class in an email?

There are far more classes on Outschool that can be included in any particular email. We try to promote the most relevant classes to each parent. 

  • We only include classes with sections that match the parent’s time preferences in their account settings

  • We only include classes that match ages attached to any learner profiles in the parent’s account.

  • We include classes based on parent and learner interests when possible.

  • If there are too many relevant classes, we will include a randomized selection.

Even if you don’t see your class in the emails that you receive, another parent likely saw it as a result of their preferences. 

Facebook and other web services

We run online ads both for specific classes and for Outschool as a whole. Our aim anytime we run ads is to get more parents looking at all of our classes and keep them coming back for more.  

Typically we will see new parents discover Outschool on Facebook, sign up for an account, and later enroll via the Outschool search page.  Far more enrollments occur through parents searching for listings on the website or clicking through our emails rather than clicking through a Facebook ad. 

To ensure that your class can be marketed on Facebook, avoid using a class image that contains prominent text or numbers, as Facebook’s algorithms may mark these images as spam and not run ads for these classes.

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