You’ve been approved and have your first classes published on Outschool. Great! Now what? 

Outschool has a large audience of parents and learners who discover classes through our website and personalized emails. You’ll hopefully start getting inquiries and enrollments soon. There are several steps that you can take to market your own classes to get to your earnings goals faster.

First, be sure to read our tips for getting enrollments. These outline several ways that you can improve your chances of getting enrollments by using various Outschool features. The best way to spend your time to get more enrollments is to follow those tips or these continuing suggestions. You should only consider marketing your classes in other ways once you’ve thoroughly explored those.

If you are considering marketing your classes in other ways, we’re here to help and support you. You may consider the following forms of marketing:

  • Blogging

  • Posting videos

  • Social media

  • Local engagement

It’s unlikely to be worth your time to setup a brand new blog or social media account or start learning how to edit videos just to promote your Outschool classes. If you already do some of these activities, or have the relevant accounts setup, then here are our suggestions:

If you have a blog or website, consider writing about your classes and experience teaching on Outschool. You have a story to tell about why you teach and how you designed your classes. Maybe you have a unique approach or educational philosophy to share. By telling your story and linking to your profile and classes, you can ask your audience to consider enrolling.  

If you do blog, then please share the post in our teacher and parent Facebook groups. Also email support to let us know about your writing so our community team can look to link to you from our social media channels.

Post videos
Outschool classes are interactive and mostly live, so recording a video is a great way to show parents what you will be like in class. Post your videos to Youtube, Instagram and Facebook to engage your audience and have them consider your classes.

You may already have videos that you recorded for your teacher profile, or you can record new ones to tell stories about your background and classes. Here are some ideas:

  • “Fun facts” about your subject area

  • Short tutorials or lessons in your subject area

  • Tips for teaching or learning online

If possible, include samples of work that you or learners have created. When you post videos on social media, email support to let us know so our community team can look to link to you from our social media channels.

Engage on social media
If you have social media accounts then consider posting about your classes and teaching on Outschool. You can engage your audience with stories about the fun activities happening in your class. Get ideas on the kind of content to post by asking other teachers what they do on social media in our teacher Facebook groups.

Consider posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. If you use #outschool and tag our social media accounts in your posts and we’ll do our best to support you. Here are Outschool’s social media profiles:

Engage your local community
You may already work with families or schools locally. Email them a link to your teacher profile. If you use the share button on your profile page to get the link, and a parent signs up through that, they will get a $20 coupon for their first class. You could also share physical flyers for Outschool and your classes. Email support to get help from our community team. 

What not to do
We have heard of some teachers paying for ads on Facebook to promote their classes. Based on our data, we have not seen this to be a successful strategy, and don’t recommend it.

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