Ongoing Classes provide a way for learners to study a specific topic with the same teacher without a set end date. This class type works well for art classes, book clubs, music lessons, and any topic that can benefit from continuous learning. Ongoing Classes meet on a weekly basis, and you pay for your learner’s class access with a weekly subscription.

Here are the top three things you should know about Ongoing Classes at Outschool.

  • Ongoing Classes are subscription-based and meet at least once per week.

  • After you first enroll, you will be charged weekly on Sunday mornings (according to Pacific Time) until you stop your subscription.

  • Each payment covers your learner’s weekly access to the class meeting(s) following the Sunday charge.

Read on for more detailed information on how these classes work.

Subscribing to an Ongoing Class

On the class listing page for an Ongoing Class, you’ll see a Subscribe button (non-Ongoing Classes, which are billed upfront, display an Enroll button). The price listed is per learner per week, e.g. $15 per learner per week. After you click the Subscribe button, follow the prompts in the pop-up window, as shown below.

What your subscription covers

Class Access:

The weekly subscription period for Ongoing Classes runs from 4pm PT on the day the charge was made until 4pm PT on the following Sunday (note that Daylight Saving Time in the summer will shift this window one hour forward to 5pm PT).

Content Access:

Your learner will only gain access to content posted in the classroom after your subscription begins. If you subscribe mid-week and the class doesn’t meet again until the next week, your learner will only see posts made to the classroom starting after 4 or 5 p.m. Pacific Time on the following Sunday.

Refunds and Stopping Your Subscription

Outschool will bill you each week that you are enrolled in an Ongoing Class, but you can stop your subscription at any time. You will receive a full refund if you stop your subscription within 24 hours of payment, including the initial sign-up.

Once your first class meeting begins, you are no longer eligible for a full refund. Stopping your subscription after class begins or after the 24-hour period will stop any future charges, but will not result in a refund of your most recent payment.

Be sure to join class each week via the Join Live Meeting button on the classroom to ensure recorded attendance. If according to our records your learner hasn't attended the last three meetings of an ongoing class, Outschool will stop your learner’s subscription to this class. If you wish to remain in this class, Outschool will hold a place for your learner in this class until the end of that week (Sunday at 4 pm Pacific during Standard Time or 5 pm Pacific during Daylight Saving Time) and you can resume your subscription until then. After that time, you will need to start a new subscription from the class listing page to rejoin this class.

To stop your subscription to an Ongoing Class, take the following steps:

  1. Click on the class title from your Learner Schedule.

  2. Click the Stop Subscription button next to your learner’s name

You can take a break from an Ongoing Class by stopping and later resuming your subscription. To resume your subscription, click on Resume subscription from the same location. You can also access this page by clicking View Class Page under the class title on the Transactions page.

You can resume your stopped subscription to class at any time, up until the next Sunday morning Pacific Time, at which point you’ll need to resubscribe from the class listing page.

Please note that Ongoing Class pricing is subject to change, and it may increase between stopping and resuming your subscription.

Adjusting your payment method

By changing your credit card on file in your Outschool account, you are changing the card associated with any active Ongoing Class subscriptions. The new card will start to be charged on the next Sunday.

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