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Educator Tips for Starting Live Meetings
Educator Tips for Starting Live Meetings

Proactive tech tips for live Outschool classes

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When it comes to online teaching, preparation is key. These tips are designed to help reduce last-minute tech hurdles when Starting Live Meetings on Outschool, allowing you to focus on what matters most–teaching!

Keeping your device's operating systems and their applications updated is one of the best ways to get the most out of your time with learners. Here is a weekly checklist to help you along the way.

Before the Meeting

Keep Zoom updated

All live meetings take place through Zoom. We recommend that you stay updated to the most recent version at all times. Checking for an update is quick, easy, and should be done often.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop application

  2. Click your profile picture from the top right > Select Check for Updates

If using a Chromebook, be sure to download and use Zoom PWA, which is updated when your Chromebook’s operating system (OS) is updated. You can read more here about Zoom updates for specific devices.

Test external and internal devices

You should regularly test your device’s internet connection, microphone audio, webcam, and speakers.

  • Internet Speed Test can give you a good read on your upload and download speed. Internet issues can often be resolved by resetting your modem or WIFI router.

  • Zoom offers a test meeting to test your camera, microphone, and speakers.

Update web browser

We recommend that you keep your internet browser up to date. New browser tools and security features are released regularly, and they may impact how you experience a website. Here you can check your browser for updates.

Disable pop-up blockers and other browser extensions

The Start Live Meeting button will redirect you to the Zoom application. This may include pop-ups and redirections, depending on your browser. To ensure these are successful, all browser extensions should be disabled.

  1. Open your browser (Google Chrome is recommended)

  2. At the top right, click the three vertical dots > More Tools > Extensions

  3. Remove or Disable all extensions

Restart device and only run necessary programs

Your device may run regular updates in the background that require you to restart your device, or your device may need restarting for optimal performance. Once you have restarted, only run programs necessary for your upcoming meeting. This reduces the total CPU load on your device to support a more consistent experience.

Starting the Meeting

Ensure you’re starting the right meeting

Many Outschool Educators teach dozens of different classes with multiple Sections and meeting times for each. It’s important to make sure you’re starting the correct Zoom meeting at the start of class.

  1. Find upcoming meetings from your Teach view, selecting the Schedule tab.

  2. Classes will be in chronological order of upcoming meetings. Confirm that the start time/date of the class matches the current time and date.

  3. Enter the classroom through the class title link.

  4. This will take you to the classroom. Click Start Live Meeting.

Ensure learners join from the classroom

Learners should always join live meetings through the Outschool classroom. Sometimes, educators may try to send Zoom meeting links, or learners may try to save Zoom links to class meetings. Unfortunately, this will not result in a successfully joined meeting. All learners need to access the meeting from the button provided in the classroom, as shown below.

Learners in the Waiting Room

When Learners initially join the meeting, they are placed in a Zoom Waiting Room where the Host can admit each learner into the main room. There are audio and visual notifications when a learner enters the waiting room. Here is how to check the waiting room:

  1. When Learners enter the room, you will be asked to Admit

  2. If the first notification is missed, you can also admit from the Participants icon in Zoom Meeting Controls

Learners in the Waiting Room not visible

We recommend you start the Zoom meeting about 10 minutes ahead of class start time to ensure that all learners can join before class begins. Starting the meeting too early could result in a split Zoom, where learners are sent to an empty meeting. If you are receiving messages that Learners are in the Waiting Room but you do not see them:

  1. Educator and all learners should Leave Meeting

  2. Log out of and then log back in

  3. Navigate back to the classroom and click Start Live Meeting

Notify learners if unable to start Zoom meeting

If you are unable to start the meeting or will be starting late due to tech issues, notify your learners as soon as possible with a Classroom post. Let learners know your expected time to start the meeting or if the meeting will need to be rescheduled.

Contact support for help

For more advanced information and settings, please review:

Some technical issues may be device-specific and require troubleshooting with our support team to make sure your device is ready to host meetings successfully. To start a new conversation with Outschool Support, visit

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