What does Outschool offer for teachers?
We offer a platform for teachers to organize, promote, and deliver online classes. This includes:

  • Beautiful online listings for your classes

  • Access to our community of learners

  • Secure online payments

  • Integrated video chat platform and messaging

  • Responsive support via chat and email

We do our best to simplify the logistics, so you can focus on crafting the class experience.

What classes can I teach?
We encourage you to teach classes on topics you are passionate about and experienced with, and ideally that you have taught before. We welcome classes on all subjects and in all formats, for learners between the ages of 3 and 18. Outschool does not support classes for adults, but parents of young children are welcome to attend classes with their learners. We generally suggest offering a range of classes including short-form introductory classes that meet 1-4 times, as well as longer form semester-long classes.  We have found it hard to predict what classes are popular on Outschool!  So we suggest listing a range of options, and then iterating based on the response.   All classes should involve significant interaction with the teacher - we do not sell curriculum or self-paced classes.

What can I earn? What does this cost?
Your earnings will depend on what your classes cost, and how many people sign up. Outschool collects a 30% service fee from all paid enrollments. We will send your payment 7-10 days after your class is scheduled to start. Payment is via Paypal to an email address you specify.  You will need to pay tax on your earnings and report them appropriately.

Can I use Outschool to promote classes that are sold elsewhere?
No. Because Outschool relies on an integrated video chat system, all attending learners must be enrolled through the Outschool website.  

Can companies and organizations teach on Outschool?
Yes! We welcome educational organizations to apply to offer their content on Outschool. You can learn more about becoming an organization on Outschool and apply here. If you’re a school administrator looking to enroll learners in Outschool classes or partner with us in another way, please learn more and contact us here. If you are an employer looking to provide outschool classes as a benefit to your employees, please learn more and contact us here.

How does Outschool handle timezones?
For every user (teacher and parent) we calculate their timezone based on their location in account settings, or if that's not available then based on their browser timezone. We show all times to each user based on their local timezone. If the timezone is a handful of standard ones like America/New_York, America/Chicago, America/Los_Angeles, we'll display it as "5:00 am Eastern" or "Central" or "Pacific". In all other cases, we'll use the name of the city that the time zone is named after, e.g. "5:00 am Shanghai time" or "Sydney time".  One detail to keep in mind about timezone changes: if an Arizona teacher has a class series that crosses a daylight savings boundary, they may see their class as happening at 10am every week, but for parents in California that class will be at 10am before the change and at 11am after (or vice versa).

Who can teach?  How do I get started?
Check out our teacher resource center and the rest of our help center for articles, webinars, blog posts, and more!

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