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You can download this free app from the Google Play Store on Android devices

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The Outschool Mobile App for Android allows Learners 6 years and up to independently log onto Outschool to see class schedules, Join Live Meetings, message their educators, and use the Outschool classroom for posts and comments from an Android phone or tablet.

Technical Requirements

  • Tablet or Phone using Android OS

  • Android version 13 and greater

Logging onto the App

There are two ways to log into the mobile app:

  1. Parent Outschool credentials

  2. Learner email address

Logging in as the parent will allow you access to all your learner's information and their individual classes. If you created a Learner email address for your learner from the Outschool website, they will be able to log into the app and have access to their own classes.


Once you have logged into your Outschool account, you will be placed into the Marketplace tab of the app. Parents can use the Marketplace button on the bottom left of any non-learner screen to search and purchase new classes for their learners. All in-app purchases will require Outschool Credit to complete the enrollment process.

Please note that Promo Codes/Coupons cannot be used to enroll your learners from the App at this time. If you have a Coupon, please apply it from the Outschool website.

Purchasing Outschool Credit

From the Marketplace, you can also make an in-app purchase for Outschool Credits by purchasing Gift Cards. First, click on the Credit Balance symbol on the top right of the screen.

Then you can select ‘Create a Gift Card’ to purchase Outschool Credit and ‘Redeem a Gift Card’ to enter that credit into your account. After you have Outschool Credit, you will be able to purchase classes through the app.

Searching for Classes

The Outschool app will provide you the same class search results and filters as found on the web.

After selecting a class from the results, you will be able to review the class description, educator reviews, class details, and complete the enrollment process.


Parents and learners will be able to communicate with their educators through the Messages tab. Here you can create a New Message for educators as well as respond to previous messages.

Profile & Settings

Navigating to the Profiles page will allow you to switch between multiple learner accounts:

The “Settings” page can be accessed by selecting the ‘Settings’ icon in the upper right corner of the Profiles page. The settings page displays information about Public Settings, Private Settings, Transactions, Learner Profiles, device settings, App version, and other information associated with the account. This information is only available through the Parent profile.

Please note the Profile & Settings information is read-only and you must use the Outschool website to modify these settings.

Learner Spaces

From the ‘Profiles’ page, you will be able to select a learner to view their upcoming classes, Join Live Meetings, as well as message the learner's educators. Upon selecting a learner profile, you will land in the ‘Classes’ tab. Here you will see upcoming classes in chronological order based on the next meeting:

When entering one of the learner’s classrooms, they will have the option to Join Live Meetings, message their educator, see upcoming meetings, and respond to posts made to the classroom:

Logging off of the App

In order to log off of the application, click on the profile on the top right of the screen to go to the Profile & Settings menu. Then, press the “Log out” link at the bottom of the menu to return to the Login screen.


If for any reason the app is not functioning as expected, there are a couple of troubleshooting options we can take to resolve the problem:

  1. From the Home Screen > Press and Hold the Outschool app icon > Select ‘App Info’ > Press on Storage & Cache > Clear Storage then Delete > Relaunch the app

  2. Visit the Google Play Store and uninstall the app > then Reinstall Outschool App

Contact support@outschool.com with any further questions or concerns

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