Outschool sends a variety of email notifications to teachers, parents, and learners. Some emails are informational, like our weekly roundup of new classes, while others pertain to payments and scheduling surrounding your class enrollments. We strive to send emails that are useful, relevant, and timely by default.

We also give you control over which emails you receive, because we recognize that people have different habits and expectations for email. You can visit your email settings page to unsubscribe from specific email notifications, or from all Outschool emails. You can also resubscribe to emails there, if you previously unsubscribed. You can also opt in to emails about specific classes and teachers.

Use caution when unsubscribing to emails: many of our notifications are the only way of sharing updates about personal messages, schedule changes, or other important events that affect your Outschool experience. Without email, you’ll need to proactively monitor our website to notice these events.

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