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Email Notification Settings

Customizing which emails you receive from Outschool

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Parent and Teacher Email Settings

Outschool sends a variety of email notifications to teachers, parents, and learners. Some emails are informational, like our weekly roundup of new classes, while others pertain to payments and scheduling surrounding your class enrollments. We strive to send emails that are useful, relevant, and timely by default.

We also give you control over which emails you receive, because we recognize that people have different habits and expectations for email. You can visit your email settings page to unsubscribe from specific email notifications, or from all Outschool emails. You can also resubscribe to emails there, if you previously unsubscribed. You can also opt in to emails about specific classes and teachers.

Use caution when unsubscribing to emails: many of our notifications are the only way of sharing updates about personal messages, schedule changes, or other important events that affect your Outschool experience. Without email, you’ll need to proactively monitor our website to notice these events.

Troubleshooting Missing Emails

If you are not receiving emails from Outschool, you may need to re-subscribe. You can check your email settings page and confirm all email types you’d like to receive are on.

If you have subscribed from your email settings page and are still not finding Outschool emails, your email client may have marked them as spam. Check the Primary, Social, and Promotions folders if you use Gmail. In addition, we recommend adding to your email’s unblocked list.

Email updates for Seller Organizations

Seller organization administrators on Outschool are also given a set of additional email settings to best stay in the loop with their educators and families. Organization admins can now receive the same emails as their teachers do, specifically:

  • emails when a teacher misses class

  • emails when a teacher is late for class

  • email when a teacher cancels a section with enrollments within 24 hours of it starting

  • emails about teacher applications (approved, denied)

  • emails when an ongoing section taught by your teacher is about to run out of meeting times

  • emails for all messages in your teachers’ classrooms, both from learners and from your teachers

  • email when a teacher gains a new 1-on-1 enrollment

  • emails when a teacher adds, cancels, or reschedules a 1-on-1 meeting

All organization admin email settings can be adjusted from your admin account's profile and settings page as well, under the For seller organizations section.

How do I reply to teacher messages as an organization administrator?

To view and reply to a message sent from a parent to a teacher, visit the Conversations page and select the teacher's name from the View a Teacher's Conversations dropdown. Reply directly to the parent in the conversation thread.

Which emails do I receive as an organization?

Outschool automatically emails organization admins when a teacher application is approved or denied, a teacher cancels a section or meeting late, and a teacher sends or receives a parent message.

To be notified when a teacher misses or is late to a meeting, toggle Schedule notifications to On under For teachers on the Email Settings page. In addition, you can choose to receive an email when a section is canceled and when a class that runs week after week is close to running out of meetings.

To receive emails for all messages and comments shared by learners and teachers in classrooms, toggle Classroom notifications to On under For seller organizations. You can learn more about updating your email settings here.

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