Outschool’s policies require that teachers conduct class as scheduled or make up any missed class time.  It is important to stick to a class’s planned schedule because families that take classes plan around their learning schedule.  Many learners have packed calendars and are forced to forgo other opportunities to take an Outschool class, so please be mindful of this when making any changes.

If you need to cancel a live class section meeting due to a personal conflict, please reschedule the class meeting time by communicating with learners and parents via the classroom, then adding a new meeting time on the Section Edit tab. Do not post a pre-recorded lesson to the classroom in lieu of a live class.

Emergency Circumstances

Although it is Outschool’s policy that teachers attend class as scheduled, we understand that sometimes situations are beyond our control, like medical problems, family emergencies, extreme weather or other extenuating circumstances.  

Communication is key. If health issues, a family emergency, or other extenuating circumstances arise, please let Outschool know about the situation as soon as possible. We will work with you to make any necessary changes to your schedule, notify parents or even cancel classes if needed. If possible, you should also contact currently enrolled parents and learners by posting in the Classroom and/or sending private messages to parents.

If you are experiencing an issue that will cause a long-term interruption to your teaching, Outschool can help make accommodations for the teacher including, but not limited to:

  1. Teachers may take a leave of absence and return when the circumstances allow.  

  2. Outschool may adapt policies on an individual basis to help the teacher continue to teach. This could include helping withdraw and refund your learners and/or helping to reschedule your classes.

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