We often hear that parents and teachers want to easily see how their Outschool classes fit into their calendars.  We can help with that!

Almost all calendar apps support calendar subscriptions as a way to solve a common problem: for example, to let parents subscribe to a soccer team's game schedule, and have it easily show up in their calendar.

As an Outschool user, you can subscribe to three different personal calendar feeds:

  • Classes you are enrolled in
  • Classes saved in your Favorites
  • Classes you are teaching

Once you've subscribed, all the new classes you enroll in will automatically show up your calendar - it's almost like magic.  Most calendar apps will let you control how often the feed will update from Outschool - for example, once an hour, or once a day.


If you use the calendar app that is built in to your iPhone, Android phone, or computer, all you have to do is click the 'Add to Calendar' button.  You'll see this button on your list of enrolled classes, your favorites list, and your teaching schedule

Subscribing with Google Calendar

If you use Google Calendar, it's easy to add your Outschool schedules into your account.  First, copy the URL we provide:

Then add it into Google Cal.  Click the down arrow next to 'Other Calendars', then choose 'Add by URL' and paste the URL we provided.  The Google Calendar feed will automatically update from Outschool at least once per day.  We are not able to increase the frequency of the updates - this is a limitation within Google Calendar.

Unsubscribing with Google Calendar

If you no longer wish to see your Outschool classes on your Google Calendar, you can remove the Outschool calendar by visiting Google Calendar's settings page and clicking the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the section devoted to your Outschool calendar.

Other Calendar Apps

Almost all calendar apps support subscribing to calendars.  We'd love to hear about your experiences using different apps!

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