Altering sections

Until the section starts, you can still change the times that the section meets.  You can also cancel a section, but you should do so no less that 24 hours before the section starts.   You should always communicate any changes to enrolled learners by posting to the classroom.  Don't make changes without telling parents.  Remember that parents sign up for the section that fits best within their busy schedule; teachers should keep changes to that schedule at a minimum.   You should not reschedule meetings for in-progress sections except in the case of emergencies or extenuating circumstances.

Late enrollments

Outschool allows parents to enroll late to a section.  Parents can enroll up to a week after a section begins, but only if the end date is over a week in the future. If you don't want to allow a late enroller to join, you can issue them a refund. The image below shows how parents are given the option to enroll late.

Parents can only enroll late with a different link to the section. You can access this direct link by clicking the "view" button next to the section on the "manage this class" page, then you can send it over to the parent.

Managing learners

When you click to view a section, you will see a list of enrolled learners. You can send a message to individual buyers or individual learners, and you can also transfer learners to other sections.  To change an enrollment, click the 'Change enrollment' button. You can transfer a learner to any section that has not ended.  


Buyers are able to withdraw themselves up to a week in advance before a section begins.  After that, cancellation requests go to teachers.  You can issue a refund to learners until the class has been paid out:

Handling refund requests

Teachers may issue refunds at their discretion. We suggest the following approach:

  • If parents are unable to join a section or accidentally miss it, then try to transfer them to a future section of the class, or schedule one that works for the parent
  • If parents had an emergency situation that caused them to miss and they no longer wish to join the class, issue them a refund
  • If parents are dissatisfied with a class, issue them a refund, or ask Outschool to help handle a partial refund.

Reasons for Withdrawal

Manage enrollments honestly.  Withdraw students when asked (see refund policy if necessary).  Do not withdraw learners or cancel classes based on parent reviews or comments on other classes.  Prior negative experience with a family may warrant a withdrawal.  Please check in with Outschool prior to withdrawing to ensure the withdrawal is reasonable. 

Canceling sections

We understand in some cases it's necessary to cancel classes, but we try to avoid it!  If you have to do this, please do it as early as possible.  You may teach a section that has not met the stated minimum class size - read about your options for classes with less than minimum enrollments.

You can cancel a section with no enrolled learners.  If you want to cancel a section with enrolled learners, you should:

  • Message the learners about the change 24 hours in advance
  • Use the “cancel section” button to withdraw learners, refund families, and cancel the section

Sections with no enrollments are automatically canceled 24 hours before they begin unless they fit one of the following cases. These types of sections will not be canceled.

  • Ongoing class sections
  • Sections created less than 3 days ago
  • Sections that teachers un-cancel will not be re-canceled

Canceling future meetings within a section

It may also make sense in some cases to cancel one or more meetings within a section, but not need to cancel the entire section. If you cannot make one of your class dates or plan on altering the section's meeting times after you have received enrollments, you will need to make the necessary adjustments on Outschool. You can cancel a meeting by clicking the red 'x' on the section's edit tab; doing so will make sure you don't appear on our teacher absence list. You should do so at least 24 hours in advance.

If you need to cancel a live class section meeting due to a personal conflict, please reschedule the class meeting time by communicating with learners and parents via the classroom, then adding a new meeting time on the section's edit tab. Do not post a pre-recorded lesson to the classroom in lieu of a live class.

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