You set the minimum class size that you are aiming for when you create the class. The number you choose should reflect how many learners you need for the class content and interaction to work well, and your target earnings.

We recommend setting the class size to 3 or fewer learners to maximize the chances of your classes proceeding. Having classes proceed increases your followers and reviews, and so makes it easier to full future classes.

If you have a class with enrollments, but fewer then the minimum, first read our tips for getting enrollments. If the class is coming up within 3 days and still has fewer than minimum enrollments, here are your options:

  • Proceed with the class: if the class can proceed successfully with fewer learners then we recommend checking with the parents and going ahead. You have an opportunity to get more enrollments since many happen at the last minute.
  • Transfer: if you have another section with more enrollments, you can message the parent to ask if they'd be ok to transfer to that section. 
  • Reschedule: message the parents to see if they could start at a later date. That allows you to keep the enrollment and wait longer to get others. Create a new section at a later date, transfer the enrollment and cancel the original section.
  • Cancel: you can refund the parents and cancel the section.  If you choose to do this please message the parents to let them know as early as possible.

Whichever option you choose, be proactive and clear when communicating with the parents who have enrolled. You will build trust and make it more likely they will buy your classes in the future.

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