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Adding or Removing a Teacher to an Organization
Adding or Removing a Teacher to an Organization

How to add or request to remove a teacher from your organization account on Outschool

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Adding a new or existing Outschool teacher to your organization

In the event that you are adding a teacher to your organization that is not an existing Outschool teacher, send them an invitation by selecting the Teachers Tab under Manage, clicking the Add Teacher button, and entering the teacher’s name and email address. The teacher must accept the invitation within a week of the date before it expires. If the invitation expires, please contact support and we can help resend it.

If the teacher that you would like to add to your organization has an existing Outschool account, there are two ways to invite them to teach in your organization. Please note that organization teaching accounts belong to the administrator and do not support learner profiles. Share this information with your teacher so that they are aware of the two options that they can choose from.

  • Option A: As an Organization admin, you can create a new Outschool account for the teacher by adding an email address that is different from the one associated with their current Outschool account and add them to your organization. The teacher would then have two separate accounts on Outschool.

  • Option B: If the teacher agrees to have their current Outschool account assigned to your organization, our support team will help with that setup. Please note the following:

    • If the account is a sole parent account, any learner profiles on the account would be deleted.

    • If the account is an approved individual teacher account, adding their account to the organization will potentially cause a loss of data (classes and reviews that are tied to the account will be lost once we add the teacher account to the organization). Additionally, existing learner profiles will be deleted.

If the teacher agrees to have their current individual teacher account added to your organization, knowing that their classes and reviews will be lost, please have them verify this with you and then have the teacher contact with the following information:

  • The email address associated with their Outschool account

  • Confirmation that they would like to have their current teacher account added to your organization

Removing a teacher from your organization

To request to have a teacher removed:

  1. Please un-assign the teacher from any current classes or sections.

  2. Next, send a message to, including the following information:

    1. The name of the teacher;

    2. Their email address to begin the legal deletion process.

**IMPORTANT** - Requests for this process can only be made through the Organization Admin account.

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