Tips for getting enrollments

A guide for brand new teachers on getting their first students

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How quickly you get enrollments after listing your first class can depend on many factors. Follow these guidelines to get enrollments faster!

We also recommend reading through Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business within the Educator Handbook.

Schedule sections 2+ weeks out

Parents can only enroll in your class if you schedule a section and make it public. Classes with sections scheduled appear higher in our listings and search results. So we recommend always having at least one future section scheduled for your classes. 

As well as the listings on our website, we promote your scheduled classes via weekly email roundups, personalized email notifications, automated Facebook ads and other social media. Schedule 2 or more weeks out to maximize the promotion we can do for your classes.

Experiment with different options

It can be difficult to predict which topics, lengths, timings and age ranges are going to be most popular.  We suggest you experiment with different class topics and formats to see what gets the best response.

Try to:

  • Create new classes for different topics and age ranges.

  • Offer a mixture of Ongoing classes and short courses. Inexpensive Ongoing classes are a great way to build a following.

  • Schedule more sections for your classes at different times.

Share your classes

Have more parents see your classes by sharing them on Facebook, by email or on other social media.

Just click the Share link on your class pages or teacher page:

Respond fast

Parents will send you a message or request different times if they are interested in your class. Often this is the final step before they enroll. If you are helpful and responsive they are much more likely to enroll in your class. 

Set your availability

When parents request a different time for your classes we will try to match their schedule with yours. If there is a match then we create a new section for your class 3 weeks out provided the parent pays. 

This can be a great way to get more enrollments by satisfying families' scheduling needs. To take advantage of this, visit your “Availability” tab to set weekly hours:

Improve your class listings

Review your class pages and make sure you've followed these tips for successful listings. Don't include text in your class image since this reduces our ability to promote your class on Facebook. 

Parents care as much about who is teaching the class as the subject. So make sure you've added a great photo, description and introduction video to your teacher profile.

Use the 'Next class' feature

On every class, you can set a suggested 'next class' that makes sense as a follow-up.  This could be the next class in a series, the main class that follows an intro class, or just a related class.  The 'next class' will be promoted to parents.

Reduce the price

Offering inexpensive options can be a great way to build a following and get reviews. Once you have a great track record with parents on Outschool you will be able to increase your prices and offer longer, more expensive options.

Also, reducing the price of a class can result in greater earnings - 10 enrollments at $18 / learner is better than 3 enrollments at $23. Experiment with different prices to discover what works best for you.

Invite followers

Your followers on Outschool receive email notifications whenever you post a new class. Parents who buy your classes become your followers. Get more followers faster by sharing your teacher page with parents you know and groups you're a member of. 

Ask parents to click the Follow link on your teacher page:

Continue on for more tips on enrollments marketing your classes both on Outschool and beyond.

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