Outschool can help you automatically respond to parent schedule requests.  If a parent makes a schedule request, Outschool can automatically create a new section at the requested time, and let the parent enroll.  From the parent's perspective, this lets them request a time and then immediately enroll. Parents must enroll within 24 hours of the auto-scheduled section being created; otherwise the system will remove it. The soonest a parent can schedule a section based on your availability is two weeks in advance, and they can see your availability for up to four months in the future.

If you have a schedule where you can accommodate parent availability, this is a great way to meet the demand for your classes. 

Learn more about schedule requests here.

Managing your schedule

To take advantage of this feature, you need to set your schedule availability. You’ll see the option to provide your availability under your “teach” tab. You can also block or enable auto-scheduling and set the minimum number of days in advance a parent can auto-schedule within an individual class.

Note that this availability is for a general week, not a set of specific dates. If you don't wish to have sections auto-scheduled, you will need to click the “Select all times” checkbox and click it again in order to prevent this.

Auto-Scheduling within a class

While creating a class listing or by visiting the Edit tab once listed, you can set whether parents can auto-schedule new sections for that particular class. You can also set the minimum number of days in advance parents can auto-schedule a new class.

Leave the box unchecked to disallow auto-scheduling, and check the box to allow auto-scheduling of this class. Adjust the minimum number of days in the number field.

Setting Exception Dates

Need to fine-tune your availability? No problem! If you have a conflict at a time where you are usually available, such as an appointment or a vacation, you can add an unavailable time block. This will prevent sections from being created during that time. To block a time, click the “add exception dates” button. You can block off as little time as 5 minutes, or as much as multiple weeks!

You’ll be able to see all of your exception dates listed on this schedule page.

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