Outschool can help you dynamically match your schedule with that of interested families. If you have auto-scheduling turned on, you can set your recurring weekly availability and add any one-off exceptions, such as for an appointment or a vacation. Note that you can control auto-scheduling per-class. Auto-scheduling is particularly effective for one-time and 1:1 (tutoring) classes.

If a family chooses a time slot from your availability, Outschool will automatically create a new section at the requested time and let them enroll. From the family's perspective, this lets them request a time and then immediately enroll. You are able to set the length of time into the future that parents can schedule a section. By default, parents can schedule a section based on your availability up to 90 days in advance. If you have a schedule where you can accommodate parent availability, this is a great way to meet the demand for your classes.

If you don't have auto-scheduling turned on for a class, then families are able to submit schedule requests. Learn more about schedule requests here.

Managing your schedule

To take advantage of auto-scheduling, you need to set your schedule availability. You’ll see the option to provide your availability under the "Availability" tab. You can click on the column or row header for a given hour of the day, or day of the week, to select all the checkboxes in that corresponding column or row.

If you have Auto-Scheduling turned on for a 1:1 class, those time slots will show up in the class listing next to the sections that you've scheduled. This makes more time slots more visible to families interested in signing up. 1:1 classes that use Auto-Scheduling provide families with more options to choose from and have resulted in an over 13% increase in enrollments after viewing a listing.

Enabling Auto-Scheduling for individual classes

You can control which classes are enabled for auto-scheduling. We've provided easy controls to add all your classes, all 1:1 classes, all one-time classes, or each desired class one at a time. You can also set the minimum number of days in advance a family can auto-schedule for each individual class that you enable.

Buffer Between Scheduled Classes

To prevent being scheduled for classes immediately back-to-back, you can set a "buffer" of 5, 10, or 15 minutes in between scheduled classes.

Setting Exception Dates

Need to fine-tune your availability? No problem! If you have a conflict at a time where you are usually available, such as an appointment or a vacation, you can add an unavailable time block. This will prevent sections from being created during that time. To block a time, click the “add exception dates” button. You can block off as little time as 5 minutes, or as much as multiple weeks!

You’ll be able to see all of your exception dates listed on this schedule page.

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