We've seen that many Outschool teachers invite their friends to join the Outschool community.

As a thank you and to promote more signups from qualified teachers, we offer a teacher referral program that rewards teachers for spreading the word about Outschool to their teacher friends.

Broad outline of program

Once the referred teacher earns their first $100, the referring person will receive a $100 payment from Outschool. The payment is cash, not Outschool credit. You'll be notified by email when you are eligible for the reward. To refer someone, follow this link.

How we track referrals
Whenever you use the 'share' button on an Outschool class, forward an email, or copy-paste a URL to a friend, we include your personal referral code. You can obtain your personal referral link at  outschool.com/refer-teachers. When someone clicks on a link you've shared, we can use the code to attribute their signup to you. This information is stored in our database and powers the referral program. We can only provide credit for referrals tracked in our database and cannot provide credit for word-of-mouth referrals.

Terms and conditions
Referral credits only apply to certain teacher signups. Here’s a list of conditions.

Referred teachers
A referred teacher is someone who signs up to Outschool in response to an invitation or shared link from an existing user. To be eligible for the teacher referral program, a referred teacher must:

  • Sign up on or after June 21st, 2019
  • Have a single Outschool account
  • Be attributed in our database to another referring user

Qualifying for the reward

  • The $100 payment will be sent by PayPal after the referred teacher earns their first $100.
  • There is a yearly maximum of $1000 cash available via teacher referrals.





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