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How to apply promotional offers to your class enrollments.

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How to apply a Promo Code

If you have a class Promo Code, you can apply it directly on the enrollment form when you purchase a class. Click “promo code” to enter your code.

Enter your Promo Code and click “Apply code” to attach it to your order.

Once applied, the coupon’s $ amount will be taken off the class’s total (USD) like in the image below. Note that if the coupon’s $ amount exceeds the class’s price, the unused balance will not roll over for use on another class, e.g. a $10 coupon put toward a $7 class will cover the full price of the class, but will not retain $3 for future use.

If you’re trying to apply a Parent Referral Program credit to an enrollment, see this help article for information on how that works, as it’s a slightly different process.

Please read the following article if you’re an Outschool teacher looking to generate Educator Coupons.

Terms and Conditions

  • Coupon and Promo Codes are sponsored by Outschool; Educators earnings will be based on class price prior to discount.

  • Coupon and Promo Codes are valid for one-time use per household, redeemable by adults only, subject to Outschool’s verification.

  • Coupon and Promo Codes cannot be combined with another offer, although classes may be purchased with available Outschool balance.

  • Coupon and Promo Codes are not transferable, may not be reproduced, and have no cash value. All Promo Codes and coupons are non-refundable.

  • Families may not have more than one account. Creation of multiple accounts to use promo codes/coupons, financial assistance funds, or referral credit is prohibited.

  • Teachers may not deliberately increase funds during a coupon/promo code redemption period to profit from a higher-priced Outschool coupon.

  • Teachers may not use Outschool-sponsored coupons or promo codes for their own children in their own classes; instead, if a parent-teacher wants their own child in class, they should either enroll and refund their own learner from teacher payout or use an individually generated coupon by themselves as a teacher.

  • Outschool coupons are subject to change, alteration, or termination by Outschool at its sole discretion at any time.

  • All use of Outschool coupons and promo codes is subject to Outschool's Terms of Service. Any perceived abuses of Outschool coupons (referral credit or financial assistance funds) may result in cancellation of any coupon monies used and/or removal from the platform, as well as any necessary collection steps by Outschool to recover its assets.

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