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Enrolling multiple learners in the same class
Enrolling multiple learners in the same class

How to enroll, and have two or more learners in the same class

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Does your learner have siblings or friends that want to take an Outschool class together?

Parents are welcome to enroll two or more learners in the same section of a class, provided that the class has enough space. Each learner must have their own learner profile and be enrolled under their family account by their parent or legal guardian. The parent will need to enroll each learner separately for the section, and we encourage each learner to use separate devices whenever possible, for the best possible class viewing experience.

Learners can use computers, tablets, smartphones or any other devices that have audio and video capabilities. Please reference our Technical Requirements when attending a class.

Outschool does not offer sibling discounts, but it’s possible that your educator might. Please contact your educator directly by clicking the “ask a question” button on the class page.

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