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Using the Outschool Website During Scheduled Maintenance
Using the Outschool Website During Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps keep our website running smoothly. Find out which features are still available during scheduled site maintenance.

Updated over a week ago

During scheduled maintenance, you can still browse and attend classes, but other actions may be temporarily unavailable. Follow updates on the Outschool status page for the expected time to completion so you can resume normal account activities.

Available features during maintenance:

  • Attending a Scheduled Meeting

    • Joining Zoom meetings for learners and teachers

  • Logging in to Your Account

    • Logging in via email, Google, Facebook, and Apple

    • Switching between parents and learner accounts

  • Browsing Classes

Temporarily unavailable features during maintenance:

  • Managing Your Account

    • Purchasing new classes and managing existing enrollments

    • Updating profiles and creating a new account

  • Posting, Messaging, and Editing Classes

    • Classroom posting and messaging for parents, learners, and teachers

    • Creating new listings or editing existing classes for teachers

  • Interacting with Listings

    • Saving classes to your Favorites and writing reviews

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