Outschool is an approved vendor for many charter schools, enabling their families to purchase classes with their charter funds.

There are two ways that charter schools enroll learners in Outschool classes, via Purchase Orders (POs) or via charter admin accounts. See below for specifics on ongoing classes, which differ for both methods.

Purchase Orders

  1. Parents will reach out to the charter or your Education Specialist with the full name of the class and the section they would like to sign up for, along with the email associated with their Outschool account and your learner’s name and age.

  2. Process the request from the parent, approving or denying the request.

  3. If approved, submit a PO to support@outschool.com with the following details: school name, parent name, parent email address, full name of the course, date the course begins, student’s first name, student’s age/grade, and the full and correct fee for the course. Please note that we can only support payment in full. We cannot accept dual or split payments between charter and parent.

  4. Our team will complete the order and enroll the family with the completed purchase order.

  5. Our team will confirm with the charter by email when the purchase order is complete.

  6. Parents receive an email confirming their enrollment by the charter.

  7. Charters receive an invoice from Outschool within two weeks after class begins.

For all classes except ongoing class types, parents can pay with their personal credit card to reserve a spot in class (a good option for popular classes, or classes starting soon) and wait for reimbursement once our team processes the purchase order.,

Charter Admin Account

Charters can request that Outschool set them up with a Charter Admin account to enroll students directly into Outschool classes with a credit card on file. To make this request, first create an account at Outschool.com, then write to support@outschool.com or outschool.com/help letting us know the email you used to sign up. Our team will then help you get set up with your charter admin account.

With a charter admin account, you’ll see the option to enroll learners directly into their preferred class section time, as shown below.

  1. Enroll families directly into class using the charter enroll button and filling out their information. Please check with the family to see if they have an existing Outschool account. If so, enter the email address associated with their account for accurate processing. Enter the learner name exactly as the family has it listed on their Outschool account to avoid a duplicate learner.

  2. The credit card on file in your charter admin account will be used to pay for class.

  3. Charter receives receipt via email.

  4. Parents receive an email confirming the enrollment with a link to class. This email will also indicate that the class was paid for by the charter school and how much charter funds were spent on the enrollment.

  5. Note that the class will be listed on the parents’ learner schedule and transactions page, but will not be listed on the charter school’s account.

  6. You can request a report of purchases made for students on Outschool by emailing support@outschool.com.

Ongoing Classes

Ongoing classes run on a weekly subscription basis for families. Ongoing classes work differently in our payment system, so we require a different process to apply charter funds to them.

Charter schools can only enroll learners in ongoing classes with a charter admin account at this time. We’re taking steps towards supporting POs for ongoing classes in the near future.

Follow these steps to enroll learners in an ongoing class with a charter admin account.

  1. Charter admins can enroll the learner in the first week of class, as described above, then families are immediately unsubscribed.

  2. The charter can pay again by starting a new enrollment for the following week, which can only be done five minutes after the last class of the previous week has begun.

  3. If families want to continue paying for class on their own, they can resume their subscription using their own credit cards from their Outschool account.

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