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Buying Outschool classes as gifts for learners outside your family

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Gift enrollments make it easy to enroll a group of learners in class together. They work great for birthday parties, learning pods, or simply as a gift for a learner in your life (psst...grandma and grandpa, we’re looking at you 😉).

How to purchase gift enrollments

When you click the Enroll button, you’ll see a drop-down option for Gift Enrollments.

Select the number of learners you would like to enroll using the drop-down selector under Number of Learners. You’ll see the cost of the gifted enrollments in your itemized purchases above the total.

When purchasing gift enrollments for an Ongoing class, your gift covers one week of the Ongoing class for each learner. When your recipient claims the gift enrollment, they can choose to subscribe to the class going forward.

Once you’ve selected the number of gift enrollments you’d like to add to your purchase, complete payment as normal. Note that you do not need to purchase an enrollment for your learner(s) in order to buy a gift enrollment.

Once you’ve completed the purchase, you can copy and share your unique gift URL with your intended gift recipients (invitees). Your confirmation email from Outschool will include the number of gift enrollments you purchased as well as a link to view and manage your purchase/enrollments.

Send this link to your invitees. Anyone with the link can claim as many gift enrollments as you purchased (but they can only claim one at a time). Be sure to indicate to each recipient how many enrollments they should claim, and for which learner(s)! Make sure you invite recipients as soon as possible - they can’t join class until they’ve accepted your gift.

Please note that your invitees with learners below the age of 13 will need to enter a credit card to verify their identity as required by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Their card will not be charged. For more information about COPPA and general tips about protecting Children’s online privacy, please visit OnGuard Online.

Select the “I’ll Do It Later” button, and you’ll be directed to the enrolled view, where you can see your learner’s enrollments, claimed and unclaimed gift enrollments, and other important information about the class.

Before enrollments are claimed, you can withdraw or transfer them. A withdrawal will remove that gift enrollment from the total available from your invitation link, so it can no longer be claimed. This may trigger a refund to you as the purchaser, depending on the class refund policy. Refunds for gift enrollments always go to the purchaser, not the gift recipient.

The transfer button will allow you to request that the gift enrollment be moved to a different class section (with different days/times). Once the transfer is complete, one of your recipients will be able to enroll in that other section.

Once a gift enrollment has been claimed, it appears under your learner's enrollment, as a "Claimed Gift Enrollment" next to the order number. You will see the names of the parents who have claimed your gift enrollment further down the page under “Attending Parents.” The gifted enrollment is now owned by the recipient parent; you’ll no longer be able to withdraw or transfer the recipient learner, and their parent will receive all notifications for class.

If the recipient parent withdraws their learner from class after claiming the enrollment, you as the purchaser will receive any associated refunds, as explained in the withdrawal modal.

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