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Getting Started as an Outschool Educator
Building reputation and marketing your classes
Building reputation and marketing your classes

Tips for new Outschool teachers on getting enrollments

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If you haven’t yet, we suggest starting with the Educator Handbook. Continue on for further tips from our team about marketing your classes!

Build a following with Ongoing classes

​In order to build a following, it can be helpful to start with a Ongoing class; this provides parents an easy, low-cost way to try out classes from new teachers. Once you host a few of these sections, you'll start to accumulate reviews and build a presence on Outschool. You'll then find it easier to gain enrollments for a longer class.

Create a great teacher profile
Your teacher profile is parents' first impression of you, so make it count! Successful teacher profiles include a clear, head-on photo of the teacher's face, and a detailed bio that focuses on teaching experience and other academic credentials, but also includes some fun facts about you. The more descriptive the better!

Encourage parents to leave reviews
Let parents know how helpful reviews are in building up your teacher presence on Outschool. We prompt all parents to leave a review at the end of a class, but some will forget; a nice message from you would go a long way in convincing parents to add a review to your class.

Offer continuation classes to current students
Think about offering next-step classes to current students. Some topics, like foreign languages and art, naturally lend themselves to continuation classes, but you can always offer an additional class for other subjects in order to help students expand upon the skills and concepts they previously learned with you. You can suggest this in the "Next Class" dropdown menu on your class edit page.

Provide customized discounts with the partial refund tool
One helpful thing we see teachers do to incentivize repeat students or siblings is to provide a discount to parents in the form of a partial refund. This can greatly incentivize parents to keep taking classes with teachers they love or to sign multiple children up for your class.

Avoid class images that include numbers or letters
Outschool markets classes on Facebook and other platforms. Unfortunately, our marketing services do not like images dominated by numbers or letters. In order to maximize your marketing exposure, please choose class images that do not include these.

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