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Steps to success for teaching classes through Outschool

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Outschool helps teachers to teach on your terms.  We support you in:

  • reaching new students

  • accepting payments

  • delivering online classes

  • building reputation, a following, and a business

How it Works

  1. List. Add your teacher profile and list your classes. We'll work with you to help set you up for success.

  2. Get enrollments. Answer questions from parents, while Outschool handles enrollments and payments. Outschool markets your class to our audience, and you should help spread the word as much as you can.

  3. Teach your classes.  You're responsible for delivering a great learning experience.  You'll get paid one week after the class starts. Outschool collects reviews when classes end.  

  4. Repeat! Learners who like your classes will want to take more from you.

Principles for success

Teach classes on topics you're passionate about.  We believe that classes are most successful when teachers are excited about what they're offering.

Offer something unique.  Show your passion for your subject and create classes that you might like to do yourself.  If you are offering a common topic, then make it unique by bringing your own approach to the class.

Offer both introductory and longer classes.  Standalone classes help you reach new learners, while longer classes let learners engage more deeply with the topics you offer.  Short classes also let you build reputation by getting reviews more quickly.

Create high quality listings. The more information that parents have, the more likely they are to enroll.  And make it compelling! Pick a title and summary that will catch the interest of parents and learners.

Build a following.  Deliver a great learning experience. Ask your parents to leave reviews and to spread the word about your classes.  

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